2020 Summer Travel Guide: Week Five

During week four Rick Steves and Samantha Brown travel to the England, Portugal, New Zealand, Florida, Maryland and South Carolina. Below you’ll find travel logs, links to more information about each episode, additional educational materials on PBS LearningMedia related to the countries and topics, and maps tracking our progress!

Monday, June 29

Rick Steves: Southeast England
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Arcing along the southeast coast of England, we’ll travel from Canterbury (with its famous cathedral) to Dover (stoutly fortified from Roman times to the Battle of Britain). Then we’ll hike the trails that top the towering chalk cliffs of the South Downs, wander into the beachy resort of Brighton (England’s Coney Island), and push on to Portsmouth, whose naval heritage has left it with the best collection of historic sailing ships anywhere. Learn more about this episode.

Learning connections on PBS LearningMedia
Stained Glass: Canterbury Cathedral (grades 6-12)
Excerpts from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (grades 6-12)

Samantha Brown: Naples and Paradise Coast of Florida
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Known for thousands of miles of coastline, Florida’s sugar-fine sand beaches and sunshine attract over 110 million visitors annually. In the quest for the ultimate beach vacation, it’s important not to overlook what was there before. From wildlife to indigenous peoples, there’s so much more to Southwest Florida than meets they eye. And while there’s lots of history here, the Sunshine State’s future is looking as bright as ever. It’s easy to see why the Florida’s Paradise Coast is a place to love. Learn more about this episode.

Tuesday, June 30

Rick Steves: England’s Cornwall
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The far southwest of England is a world unto itself, with a persistent Cornish culture. We’ll explore a world of flowers springing from towering hedges, a tin-mining heritage going back to biblical times, salty pirates’ towns and fishing villages, and the Land’s End of England. Then, side-tripping deep into the vast and mysterious Dartmoor National Park, we’ll hike to forgotten stone circles and chase wild ponies. Learn more about this episode.

Samantha Brown: Christchurch, New Zealand
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Those willing to make the long journey to New Zealand will be handsomely rewarded. From the legendary landscapes to its famous wines, and even more famous hospitality, this island in the middle of the South Pacific offers something for everyone. Even though Christchurch is the oldest established city in New Zealand, there’s a newness to this city, and a momentum unlike any other. Here’s why Christchurch, New Zealand is a place to love. Learn more about this episode.

Samantha Brown Study Guides:
Christchurch K-5 Study Guide
Christchurch Junior High Study Guide

Wednesday, July 1

Rick Steves: The Heart of England
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The heartland of England has sights that put the “Great” in Britain — its venerable universities, its royal heritage, and reminders of its industrial might. At Oxford and Cambridge, we’ll see where kings and prime ministers studied. At Blenheim Palace — Winston Churchill’s birthplace — we’ll connect with English aristocracy. At Ironbridge Gorge, we fire up memories of the Industrial Revolution. And all along the way, we’ll be driving on the left and polishing our pub etiquette. Learn more about this episode.

Learning connections on PBS LearningMedia
The Industrial Revolution in the United States (grades 6-12)

Samantha Brown: Baltimore, Maryland
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Baltimore is more than a city. It’s a tapestry of tight neighborhoods, giving travelers an exceptional diversity of experiences. This city boasts resilience and a DIY spirit that’s infectious. Yes, Baltimore has overcome incredible challenges, but what should be more well-known and revered is its place in American history, and its unique brand of easy going urban hospitality. See why Baltimore, Maryland is a place to love! Learn more about this episode.

Samantha Brown Study Guides:
Baltimore K-5 Study Guide
Baltimore Junior High Study Guide

Thursday, July 2

Rick Steves: Lisbon
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Lisbon, built with the riches of Portugal’s New World discoveries, has a rustic charm. We’ll remember great navigators, eat lots of cod, enjoy pastries hot out of the oven, stroll the city’s back lanes and its reinvigorated waterfront, marvel at an exquisite church built with spice taxes, and enjoy some soulful fado music. Then we’ll side-trip to Sintra to explore the fanciful castles of Portuguese royalty and climb hilltop ramparts with grand views. Learn more about this episode.

Samantha Brown: Food Around the World
With all the experiences we can have with food, enjoying a meal with others is truly one of the best– no fancy linens or fine china needed. When traveling, the opportunity to have locals share their food with us is something special. When you travel, food is used both to seek comfort, as well as to get us out of our comfort zones. Here are some of my favorites from around the globe. Learn more about this episode.

Friday, July 3

Rick Steves: Portugal’s Heartland
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Portugal has an oversized history, fascinating culture, and boatloads of sardines. Saving the capital city of Lisbon for another episode, we’ll dance on the beach at Nazaré, marvel at a medieval abbey in Batalha, visit a royal library and revel with university students in Coimbra, savor port wine with the people who made it along the Douro River, and get to know Portugal’s gritty and fascinating second city, Porto. Learn more about this episode.

Samantha Brown: Charleston, South Carolina
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Charleston is a city known for its carriage rides, cobblestone streets and southern charm. It possesses a beauty that makes it a rare jewel, not just in the United States, but the world. This city’s uniqueness comes from its physical beauty, as well as its people – like the Gullah, a people with their own arts, language, and song. Add in great food, music and cocktails best sipped outdoors and it’s easy to fall in love with this town. See why Charleston, South Carolina is a place to love. Learn more about this episode.

Learning connections on PBS LearningMedia
Oyster Roast in Charleston | Original Fare (grades 6-12)
Gullah Love and a Fish Fry in Myrtle Beach | Original Fare (grades 6-12)
Civil War Battles: Charleston and South Carolina (grades 6-12)