Video camera

Video Requirements

KET is proud of the video content that we provide to schools, parents, and students. To get the most out of your viewing experience, use the information below to troubleshoot any issues you or your school may experience.


KET recommends using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox to view our videos.


Some of our interactives and videos may require Flash. Please ensure that you have the latest version installed and enabled in your browser.

Request Technical Support

Having issues with videos? Please email us at To help us troubleshoot, please include as many answers to the following questions as you can:

  1. Can you copy and paste the exact URL of the page with the issue and tell us what video you are attempting to view?
  2. What browser(s) are you using to access the content?
  3. What kind of device(s) are you using to access the content (PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone, etc.)?
  4. Are you getting an error message? What is it?
  5. If not, what are you seeing on the screen?
  6. Do you have Flash installed and enabled?
  7. Have you cleared your browser cache?
  8. Have you tried accessing the videos away from school? Do they play at home or elsewhere?
  9. Is your school under CoT networking protocols?
  10. Could you tell us the name and email address for your Information Technology support staff?

For Network/IT Administrators

In order for KET videos to work on your network, RTMP on port 1935 must be configured to allow outgoing connections to the IP addresses listed below. must also be whitelisted by your network.