With a mobile-friendly format, KET Fast Forward allows you to study for your high school equivalency test anywhere you have a reliable Internet connection. It’s an ideal choice for busy adults who can’t make it to adult learning classes.

A pretest, lots of practice items, feedback, and an online grade book will let you know how you’re doing. And many lessons feature instructional videos and interactive activities that help make the learning process engaging and fun.

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Adult Education News

September is Workforce Development Month 

August 30, 2023 - As the data regarding adult education suggests, it’s critical to support a national workforce that meets the needs of businesses, communities, families and individuals. Now that adult education providers are increasingly undertaking the mission of workforce training integrated with literacy and basic skills instruction, KET’s Workplace Essential Skills can serve as a useful tool.

Reading Together Benefits Kids and Parents

August 29, 2023 - Family literacy activities, in which children and adults are engaged in reading and learning together, offer a range of benefits for both kids and their parents. It’s well understood how reading to (and with) children improves their reading comprehension, success in school and overall confidence. In fact, similar benefits occur for adult learners in the family as well.  

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