Welcome to 2021 Multimedia Professional Development Days

Thanks to our dynamic presenters and engaged participants for making our 2021 summer event a success! We learned about new education standards, fresh tools and apps to supercharge learning, digital storytelling tactics, news literacy tips, social emotional resources, copyright, STLP, and more. We learned from some inspiring students, too!

Did you miss out? Do not despair! You can find the archived sessions on KET Education’s YouTube channel or click the individual links below as they are added. Presenters’ slide decks and other resources are also available.

And be sure to check back in April 2022 for information about our NEXT Summer Professional Development Days.

Kentucky’s New Tech Standards | Watch on YouTube

Laura Raganas, Digital Learning Coach State Lead, shares about the new KY Academic Standards for Technology that will roll into full implementation this fall and are a graduation requirement. This session will provide an overview of the standards and a peek into a teacher resource and student example dashboard that will accompany those. 

Creating in CoSpaces | Watch on YouTube

Ashley Judd, SESC Instructional Coach, and Cynthia Warner, KET Multimedia Education Consultant, introduce CoSpaces, a web-based app that allows students to create and interact with AR and VR media. It is especially useful in the classroom and can elevate learning in any content area at any level. This session will discuss classroom applications and allow participants to experience the WOW! 

Kentucky Academic Standards for Library Media | Watch on YouTube

James Allen, Statewide School Library Lead/Digital Learning Coach, discusses the new Kentucky Academic Standards for Library Media. Participants will explore the organization and layout of the standards while brainstorming implementation ideas which school librarians across the state can use in this upcoming school year. 

STLP! | Watch on YouTube

Jeff Sebulsky, STLP Program Manager/Digital Learning Coach, provides information about the STLP program and discusses how to involve your school so that your students can participate in its excellent, fun student resources and projects.

How to use Digital Storytelling to Activate Student Voice | Watch on YouTube

Elis Estrada, Senior Director, and Victor Fernandez, Youth Media Producer of PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs (SRL), share information about PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs, a national youth journalism program. Participants will take away tips and resources for engaging students in media creation and video journalism that sparks creativity and builds essential critical thinking and media literacy skills.  

Copyright 2021 | Watch on YouTube

Dianna Wolfe, Library Media Specialist, Digital Learning Coach of T.C. Cherry Elem., leads a discussion to answer the age-old question (at least for the last 20 years), “Can we put this online?” We are living in a digital world, and we are digital educators! This session will provide some answers to your copyright, public domain, and fair use questions in school, what to teach students (relating to the new KY Technology Standards), and a 21st Century Update to the law from 2020.

Fact or Fiction? Finding Fakery-Free Online Information | Watch on YouTube

KET Education Consultants Kathy Davis and Larry Moore share how, in an age of misinformation, you can help your students find credible factual content when doing research for a school assignment or even to find out the latest news. Learn some basics of news literacy, including simple techniques the experts use for discerning the truth of online content such as “lateral reading” and “reverse image searches”. You will also learn about some great cross-curricular media literacy educational resources.

Using Screencastify for Remote Learning | Watch on YouTube

Dee Dee Webb, Technology Integration Specialist for Grayson Co. Schools, introduces Screencastify, an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to screen record your explanations of lesson content while illustrating it on your computer screen. Videos are automatically saved to Google Drive and they can also be synced with Google Classroom. In this session, you will learn how you can use Screencastify in a remote learning environment to flip your classroom, blend learning or differentiate instruction. Best of all, Screencastify is a super easy tool! Additionally, you will learn how you can earn educator Genius and Screencaster Master badges from Screencastify to use in your email signature!

Vide-ALL-graphy | Watch on YouTube

Sam Northern, KASL President and LMS of Simpson Elem., discusses how videography lets students discover the fascinating world around them. Student-created videos are effective means for documenting events, telling stories, and demonstrating learning. There are more ways to capture moving images than you might think. This session presents ways to engage students in not-so-ordinary videography. Learn how students can use 360-degree cameras, trail cams, motion-activated devices, drones, and more to bring content to life.

The (W)hole Child: Social and Emotional Learning & Early Childhood Mental Health | Watch on YouTube

Holly Ackerman and Brittany Strube, KET Early Childhood Education Consultants, ask, “How can we help our children feel safe and secure when we’re struggling ourselves?” The COVID-19 pandemic brought on so much uncertainty: plans that constantly changed, long-awaited events canceled, new guidelines replaced by newer guidelines, and ongoing adjustments to daily routines. We all have feelings! Join us to learn ways and resources to help kids develop a strong emotional toolkit and enable them to better able to handle the ups and downs of life.

Social and Emotional Learning | Watch on YouTube

Owsley Co. HS art/music teacher Stevi Nolan and her student team share their experiences in overcoming the challenges of storytelling and creating media through remote learning. Learn how a class joined virtually to produce a powerful film that also addresses coping skills, acceptance, and empathy. We will also discuss KET’s new Social Emotional Learning resources for the classroom.

Celebrating Cultures with Molly of Denali | Watch on YouTube

GBH Education Marketing Manager Nicki Sirianni shares about the PBS KIDS’ award-winning series Molly of Denali. Molly of Denali follows the adventures of curious and resourceful 10-year-old Molly Mabray, an Alaska Native girl who lives in the fictional village of Qyah, Alaska. The series is the first nationally distributed children’s program to feature Native American and Alaska Native lead characters, and the series incorporates Alaska Native voices in all aspects of the production, both on screen and behind the scenes. After learning more about the series, we will dive into the educational resources and lesson plans from PBS LearningMedia that support using Molly of Denali episodes, games and activities in the classroom. All of the resources in the Molly of Denali collection aim to teach children how to access and create informational text all while exploring aspects of Alaska Native culture and values. While children learn more about Alaska Native culture, they are also given opportunities to share and celebrate their own culture! Mahsi’choo!


PD Credit

To find out whether KET Multimedia Professional Development Day virtual session hours can be used toward fulfillment of your school district’s staff professional development requirements, please contact your school or district official in charge of professional development. Up to one hour of credit will be available per session, corresponding to how many sessions of the event are attended.

KET is also approved to award EILA (Effective Instructional Leadership Act) professional development credit to Kentucky K-12 school administrators for attendance at our summer event workshops.

If you need additional ideas or assistance please reach out to our regional KET Education Consultants or schedule a virtual Media Lab training for your students.

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