Regional Education Consultants by School District

Amy Grant

Amy Grant

Education ConsultantWest Region800.432.0951 ext.7905
Amy Bradshaw

Amy Bradshaw

Education ConsultantSoutheast Region800.432.0951 ext.7150

Larry Moore

Larry Moore

Education ConsultantNorth Central Region800.432.0951 ext.7127
Kathy Davis

Kathy Davis

Education ConsultantSouth Central Region800.432.0951 ext.7267
Lynn Shaffer

Lynn Shaffer

Education ConsultantNortheast Region
Cynthia Warner

Cynthia Warner

Multimedia Education ConsultantCentral Region800.432.0951 ext.7263
County Regional Education Consultant
Adair County Kathy Davis
Allen County Kathy Davis
Anchorage Independent (Jefferson) Larry Moore
Anderson County Cynthia Warner
Ashland Independent (Boyd) Lynn Shaffer
Augusta Independent (Bracken) Lynn Shaffer
Ballard County Amy Grant
Barbourville Independent (Knox) Amy Bradshaw
Bardstown Independent (Nelson) Larry Moore
Barren County Kathy Davis
Bath County Lynn Shaffer
Beechwood Independent (Kenton) Lynn Shaffer
Bell County Cynthia Warner
Bellevue Independent (Campbell) Lynn Shaffer
Berea Independent (Madison) Amy Bradshaw
Boone County Larry Moore
Bourbon County Lynn Shaffer
Bowling Green Independent (Warren) Kathy Davis
Boyd County Lynn Shaffer
Boyle County Amy Bradshaw
Bracken County Lynn Shaffer
Breathitt County Amy Bradshaw
Breckinridge County Amy Grant
Bullitt County Larry Moore
Burgin Independent (Mercer) Amy Bradshaw
Butler County Amy Grant
Caldwell County Amy Grant
Calloway County Amy Grant
Campbell County Lynn Shaffer
Campbellsville Independent (Taylor) Kathy Davis
Carlisle County Amy Grant
Carroll County Larry Moore
Carter County Lynn Shaffer
Casey County Kathy Davis
Caverna Independent (Barren) Kathy Davis
Christian County Amy Grant
Clark County Lynn Shaffer
Clay County Amy Bradshaw
Clinton County Kathy Davis
Cloverport Independent (Breckinridge) Amy Grant
Corbin Independent (Whitley) Kathy Davis
Covington Independent (Kenton) Lynn Shaffer
Crittenden County Amy Grant
Cumberland County Kathy Davis
Danville Independent (Boyle) Amy Bradshaw
Daviess County Amy Grant
Dawson Springs Independent (Hopkins) Amy Grant
Dayton Independent (Campbell) Lynn Shaffer
East Bernstadt Independent (Laurel) Amy Bradshaw
Edmonson County Kathy Davis
Elizabethtown Independent (Hardin) Kathy Davis
Elliott County Lynn Shaffer
Eminence Independent (Henry) Larry Moore
Erlanger-Elsmere Independent (Kenton) Lynn Shaffer
Estill County Amy Bradshaw
Fairview Independent (Boyd) Lynn Shaffer
Fayette County Cynthia Warner
Fleming County Lynn Shaffer
Floyd County Amy Bradshaw
Fort Knox Dependent (Hardin) Kathy Davis
Frankfort Independent (Franklin) Cynthia Warner
Franklin County Cynthia Warner
Fort Campbell Dependent (Christian) Amy Grant
Fort Thomas Independent (Campbell) Lynn Shaffer
Fulton County Amy Grant
Fulton Independent (Fulton) Amy Grant
Gallatin County Larry Moore
Garrard County Amy Bradshaw
Glasgow Independent (Barren) Kathy Davis
Grant County Lynn Shaffer
Graves County Amy Grant
Grayson County Amy Grant
Green County Kathy Davis
Greenup County Lynn Shaffer
Hancock County Amy Grant
Hardin County Kathy Davis
Harlan County Amy Bradshaw
Harlan Independent (Harlan) Amy Bradshaw
Harrison County Lynn Shaffer
Hart County Kathy Davis
Hazard Independent (Perry) Amy Bradshaw
Henderson County Amy Grant
Henry County Larry Moore
Hickman County Amy Grant
Hopkins County Amy Grant
Jackson County Amy Bradshaw
Jackson Independent (Breathitt) Amy Bradshaw
Jefferson County Larry Moore
Jenkins Independent (Letcher) Amy Bradshaw
Jessamine County Cynthia Warner
Johnson County Lynn Shaffer
Kenton County Lynn Shaffer
Kentucky School for the Blind (Jefferson) Larry Moore
Kentucky School for the Deaf (Boyle) Amy Bradshaw
Knott County Amy Bradshaw
Knox County Amy Bradshaw
Larue County Kathy Davis
Laurel County Amy Bradshaw
Lawrence County Lynn Shaffer
Lee County Amy Bradshaw
Leslie County Amy Bradshaw
Letcher County Amy Bradshaw
Lewis County Lynn Shaffer
Lincoln County Amy Bradshaw
Livingston County Amy Grant
Logan County Amy Grant
Ludlow Independent (Kenton) Lynn Shaffer
Lyon County Amy Grant
Madison County Amy Bradshaw
Magoffin County Amy Bradshaw
Marion County Kathy Davis
Marshall County Amy Grant
Martin County Lynn Shaffer
Mason County Lynn Shaffer
Mayfield Independent (Graves) Amy Grant
McCracken County Amy Grant
McCreary County Kathy Davis
McLean County Amy Grant
Meade County Kathy Davis
Menifee County Lynn Shaffer
Mercer County Amy Bradshaw
Metcalfe County Kathy Davis
Middlesboro Independent (Bell) Amy Bradshaw
Monroe County Kathy Davis
Montgomery County Lynn Shaffer
Monticello Independent (Wayne) Kathy Davis
Morgan County Lynn Shaffer
Muhlenberg County Amy Grant
Murray Independent (Calloway) Amy Grant
Nelson County Larry Moore
Newport Independent (Campbell) Lynn Shaffer
Nicholas County Lynn Shaffer
Ohio County Amy Grant
Oldham County Larry Moore
Owen County Larry Moore
Owensboro Independent (Daviess) Amy Grant
Owsley County Amy Bradshaw
Paducah Independent (McCracken) Amy Grant
Paintsville Independent (Johnson) Lynn Shaffer
Paris Independent (Bourbon) Lynn Shaffer
Pendleton County Lynn Shaffer
Perry County Amy Bradshaw
Pike County Amy Bradshaw
Pikeville Independent (Pike) Amy Bradshaw
Pineville Independent (Bell) Amy Bradshaw
Powell County Lynn Shaffer
Pulaski County Kathy Davis
Raceland Independent (Greenup) Lynn Shaffer
Robertson County Lynn Shaffer
Rockcastle County Amy Bradshaw
Rowan County Lynn Shaffer
Russell County Kathy Davis
Russell Independent (Greenup) Lynn Shaffer
Russellville Independent (Logan) Amy Grant
Science Hill Independent (Pulaski) Kathy Davis
Scott County Lynn Shaffer
Shelby County Larry Moore
Simpson County Kathy Davis
Somerset Independent (Pulaski) Kathy Davis
Southgate Independent (Campbell) Lynn Shaffer
Spencer County Larry Moore
Taylor County Kathy Davis
Todd County Amy Grant
Trigg County Amy Grant
Trimble County Larry Moore
Union County Amy Grant
Walton-Verona Independent (Boone) Larry Moore
Warren County Kathy Davis
Washington County Kathy Davis
Wayne County Kathy Davis
Webster County Amy Grant
West Point Independent (Hardin) Kathy Davis
Whitley County Kathy Davis
Williamsburg Independent (Whitley) Kathy Davis
Williamstown Independent (Grant) Lynn Shaffer
Wolfe County Amy Bradshaw
Woodford County Cynthia Warner

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