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Latest Past Events

Computational Thinking: What? Why?

Computational thinking is a logical, strategic way of thinking that requires cognitive skills like sequencing and planning and helps young children navigate possibilities, accomplish tasks, and solve problems that are meaningful to them. Join KET as we explore computational thinking resources developed through the Ready To Learn grant. This new content will encourage problem solving and critical thinking, flexible mindsets/habits of mind, and collaboration. We will introduce resource to encourage these skills by providing opportunities for children to use the design process, think outside the box, make connections, and develop a flexible mindset through play.

Summer Professional Development Day

KET 600 Cooper Drive, Lexington

Each year, the KET Education team hosts our Summer Professional Development Day - a time for participants to discover and explore new tools and resources, hear from the experts, and share in the conversation. We hope you'll join us again this summer! Registration coming Spring 2023.

Let’s Learn Kentucky!

Striving to help prepare children for kindergarten, KET offers high-quality early childhood instructional resources, including educator trainings, family workshops, and hands-on children’s activities. Brand new is Let’s Learn Kentucky, an online resource hub for parents and caregivers of children from birth to age 5 that offers practical, easy ways for families to connect and stay involved in their children’s education and kids to tap into their natural ability to learn. Let’s Learn Kentucky also provides resources from trusted agencies that focus on early childhood development, all of which are free. Learn about the resource and plans to make it even more accessible and user-friendly. 

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