New and Notable on PBS LearningMedia

KET is a contributing partner in PBS LearningMedia, a free, online platform housing thousands of high-quality, classroom-ready resources, spanning all grade levels and content areas. With a range of media types – from lesson plans and interactives to video clips and images – each resource is aligned to state and national standards and includes contextualized support materials.

Independent research proves that students using PBS LearningMedia digital content outperformed national assessment norms by 10 percentage points and more than half (56 percent) of students also showed an increase in the frequency with which they engaged in critical thinking practices.

Below find a selection of new and notable KET-produced collections that educators can access on PBS LearningMedia.

News Quiz

Join other students across Kentucky and the U.S. for News Quiz, KET’s weekly current events show. This interactive program features a 10-question quiz based on each week’s stories. This interactivity ensures students stay fully engaged while improving listening skills and knowledge of current events. | Grades 3-8

Field Trip to the Falls of the Ohio

Take a field trip to this geological feature located in the Ohio River bordered by Louisville on the Kentucky side of the river and Jeffersonville, Clarksville, and New Albany on the Indiana side. The Falls has several claims to fame, but it is best known for the fossilized remains of a Devonian-age coral reef located in its rocky ledges. | Grades 3-12

Indoor Farming at AppHarvest

You probably imagine the typical farm as acres of land in the great outdoors, but that picture is changing. In a visit to AppHarvest in Morehead, Kentucky, one of the largest indoor farms in the world, we discover how rainwater, LED lights, bumblebees, and even robots help produce truckloads of tomatoes. | Grades 3-12

Social Studies Shorts

Social Studies Shorts is a new series that explores social studies and civics topics, from here in Kentucky to the nation and the world. Episodes give context to common topics like the branches of government and are accompanied by discussion prompts, activity ideas, vocabulary and a short printable quiz. | Grades 4-8

Everyday Learning

Learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom – it occurs naturally, everyday! This collection uses original animation and engaging, visual images to introduce basic concepts of math, science, social studies, art and health to young learners. | Grades PreK-5

SEL: The Arts for Every Classroom

Managing emotions and behavior is key to student success and a healthy classroom community. This collection offers resources to help educators and parents understand emotional development and lead students in art projects that build those skills—projects that can be incorporated into almost any classroom subject. | Grades 3-12

Kentucky Studies

Discover the rich culture of Kentucky through the stories of people, places, and events. This collection features Kentuckians who made their mark on the world and the places and events that made Kentucky what it is today. | Grades 6-12

Kentucky’s Black History and Cuture

This collection of lesson plans focuses on Black history and culture in antebellum Kentucky. The lessons tell the story of Black enslaved people and their courage, resilience, joy, and sorrow. Learn about the contributions enslaved people made to Kentucky while fighting for their freedom. | Grades 6-12

Lessons of the Holocaust

Kentucky is among the states that require the teaching of the history of the Holocaust. The three video collections here offer educators a detailed exploration of different ways to approach the topic in the classroom. | Grades 6-12

Lung Health

This collection’s health and science resources are inspired by KET’s Fighting to Breathe, a special series exploring the effects of pollution, tobacco, and radon on our lungs and the screening and treatment of lung-related illnesses. | Grades 6-12

Field Trip to the KY Capitol

With this field trip, students get a look at the Rotunda, the State Reception Room, the legislative chambers, the First Ladies in Miniature doll collection and more. The three short videos cover the history of state government, the art and sculpture of the Capitol, and the architecture of the Capitol. | Grades 3-12


Bring students on a trip to Artsville, where art takes center stage! Visit the Artsville Art Gallery and Dance Studio or take in a performance by the Artsville Quartet. Students will learn dance, drama, music, and visual art concepts by watching these fun animations–available in both English and Spanish. | Grades 3-8

Workplace Essential Skills

This collection contains math and language arts content contextualized to seven high demand career sectors. You’ll also find soft skills videos and interactive lessons to assist students as they develop universal skills for their new career once they leave your classroom. | Grades 6-12+

Media Arts Toolkit

This collection contains math and language arts content contextualized to seven high demand career sectors. You’ll also find soft skills videos and interactive lessons to assist students as they develop universal skills for their new career once they leave your classroom. | Grades 6-12+

The Pack Horse Librarians of Appalachia

Drawn from the KET documentary, this collection tells the story of pack horse librarians–women hired by Franklin Roosevelt’s WPA during the Great Depression to travel on horseback to deliver library books and magazines to people in Eastern Kentucky, braving creeks, mountains and inclement weather along the way. | Grades 6-12

Angels on Horseback

Mary Breckinridge founded the innovative Frontier Nursing Service in the mountains of Kentucky in 1925. This collection tells the story of the nurse-midwives who traveled the rugged terrain to people’s homes on horseback, bringing medical care to remote places that had none. | Grades 6-12

Think Garden

This engaging video collection helps teach elementary students about the art and science of growing food, with an emphasis on biological and environmental concepts. It also addresses topics related to nutrition and economics. | Grades K-5

Skills on Demand

This collection combines scaffolded Lessons, reviews with practice activities called Tune-Ups, and real-world applications on essential math and language arts subjects. Teachers can use individual Lessons or Tune-Ups for effective online, interactive instruction. | Grades 3-12