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Career Connections on PBS LearningMedia

KET’s Larry Moore, North Central Region Education Consultant, recently found a new-to-him set of resources on PBS LearningMedia that take students behind the scenes to show what young professionals do every day. We think both teachers and students will find it helpful:

I recently discovered the Career Connections series on PBS LearningMedia when getting ready for a health related career awareness event and I think if you take a look at it, you will be as enthusiastic about it as I am! The first one that really grabbed my attention is Career Connections | Prosthetic Specialist Cleveland.

It ticks so many boxes! There is a wow factor for students and connections to hi-tech, art and design, anatomy, and medicine. The video is an interview with a specialist who designs prosthetic skull implants for patients who have had part of their skull removed due to injury or disease. I found it fascinating and like that it even brings up little badges during the video saying “career connection:art” or “career connection: anatomy”, etc.

I also found another very interesting one that is also in the field of prosthetics design and manufacture.  One of the interesting things about this one is how 3D printing is used in the creation of prosthetic lower limb sockets.

I hope that you take a few moments to take a look at this series on PBS LearningMedia and remember, if you ever have questions, need assistance, or would like your KET education consultant to come to your school to conduct a training or consultation regarding any of our resources or services, then please contact us!