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Careers in Construction Highlighted

Adult learners are often motivated to go back to school, improve English language skills or increase employability skills to open doors to jobs, promotions or new career paths. Some of the best opportunities are in the field of construction! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates nearly 7.5 million workers are employed in the construction industry in 2021 and predicts more than 165,000 job openings in the construction field each year.

Adult educators have a unique opportunity to encourage and witness students transition from low-wage jobs and unemployment to new, exciting, stable careers. October is National Careers in Construction month and is a perfect time for your students explore the kinds of jobs available in the construction industry. Help them navigate what experience, certifications, tech school or college programs are required to achieve specific jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a great resource to explore careers in construction and requirements for working in various positions within the industry.

Most jobs in construction require workers to understand some basic math skills as they apply to the work they are doing. Skills such as correctly measuring before cutting materials, or correctly calculating amounts of supplies needed like shingles or carpeting or concrete are imperative. If your learners need to review or master basic math skills used in the construction industry, consider KET’s Workplace Essential Skills. Check out a sample construction math lesson here.  In addition to pertinent math and language arts skills needed to work in construction, Workplace Essential Skills allows learners to choose from seven career fields while they study. Learners also explore how to conduct job searches and prepare resumes to apply for positions within specific industries. In addition, KET is pleased to offer excellent FREE resources to share with students interested in construction careers in the Careers In Demand video collection inside PBSLearning Media.

Happy 2021 National Careers in Construction Month! As our sample video says, “Construction is a team sport.” We think education, workforce training and resource sharing are, too! Let us know if we can help. Email us at Use Teamwork – Adult Ed News in the subject line.