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Celebrating South Carolina Graduates

Adult education instructors at Horry County Schools have shared the successes of more than a dozen adult learners who recently passed rigorous testing to earn a high school credential. KET’s online, on-demand FastForward course was part of each learner’s preparation.

“We are honored to have served these learners and their instructors during the process of meeting this important personal and educational goal,” commented Dr. Sarah Wilkins, Director of Adult and Workforce Education at KET. “We celebrate all they have accomplished and what is yet to come!”

Horry County Adult Education graduates:

  • Marvin Lloyd, whose instructor said he had great work ethic to meet his goal.
  • Samantha Moran now enrolled at a technical college. Ms. Moran states, “Don’t ever give up on your education. Make goals and stick to them.”
  • Joseph Newsome now enrolled in a local technical college to study applied science with a goal of working in healthcare in the future. Mr. Newsome advises others to keep working hard and good things will come.
  • Waylon Bellamy described by his instructors as a wonderful and hardworking student.
  • Nathaniel Chavis, an excellent student according to his instructor.
  • Lane Croshaw, described as an excellent student who scored quite high on the GED® exam.
  • Devin Frender, whose work ethic made him known as a great student.
  • Lakeisha James earned the respect and encouragement of her instructors as she pursued her credential while working full-time. Impressive! Way to go!
  • Felicia McGill impressed her instructor by conscientiously taking time to complete the work with good work ethic.
  • Floy-William Padgett is said to be an excellent student who worked hard.
  • Jose Perez is another learner who balanced working full-time while earning his GED credential. Impressive!
  • Madisyn Simmons stayed on-task, worked hard, and is described as an excellent student by her instructor.
  • Amanda Triplett described as an excellent student who worked hard to meet her goal and get her GED credential.

KET congratulates the adult education staff at Horry County Schools and each of these learners. Watch for these graduates to be featured again in the upcoming GED Grad Day video airing in May 2022.

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