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Take a Dream Summer Vacation with KET

Take your family along on the summer vacation you’ve always dreamed of from the comfort and safety of your living room with KET’s new summer Learn at Home broadcast schedule and KET Education’s handy travel guide for students. No passports, plane tickets or fanny packs required!

Beginning June 1, weekdays from 11 am – 12 pm ET, follow along as expert travelers, Rick Steves and Samantha Brown, give you an inside look at some of the world’s most adventurous locations.

Caregivers should know that sensitive historical and cultural topics discussed may not be appropriate for younger children. Violence or nudity in classic works of art is often present, as is the occasional responsible consumption of alcohol. Please use discretion.

Below you’ll find links to travel logs, links to more information about each episode, additional educational materials on PBS LearningMedia related to the countries and topics, and maps tracking our progress!

And if you miss a day just click “Learn more about this episode.” under each location to stream the program online for free.