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FastForward helps Arizona learner accomplish her goal

Morgan Morris, an adult learner from Mesa, Arizona recently passed all the tests required for her high school equivalency credential in just FIVE hours!! She attributes her FAST pass to FastForward, which allowed her to pretest and create study guides, and her 13-year old son who helped her immensely in math!

Life got in the way of Morgan’s high school graduation, but now that she and her husband have two beautiful boys, she wants to be an example to them. “It’s twelve years after I should have graduated high school, but I am extremely proud of myself. I want my children to see that there are so many paths to greatness and they don’t all look the same,” she says.

Morgan says all she does in life she does for her sweet family. She loves to read and learn. There is no limit to what the future holds!

Visit the FastForward website to learn more about FastForward or to sign up for a free two-week trial.