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Free Resources to Recruit or Reengage Learners

As children head off to classrooms all around the country, adults who dropped out of high school may very well be thinking of returning to a learning center or engaging in online programming to complete their credentials. This is the perfect time to actively recruit learners.

Go to to download FREE posters and videos.  You can customize with your own phone number, location, website or use KET’s FastForward information on printed posters. Great places to target learners might be family resource centers, laundry facilities, groceries, health departments, and back to school events. Consider asking local PBS or cable channels to play video messages as public service announcements.

Education is key to changing lives.  Best of luck to every adult educator as you guide adults through the process of building skills that can fast forward to a better life!  Please let KET know how we can support you in this important work!