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Get Set for Best Year Yet!

In summer, adult educators sometimes pause to consider best practices and new resources as well as plan for the upcoming school year. KET is proud to offer free and paid resources to help plan for the best year yet in adult ed!

Recruit and retain learners.  As children go back to school, parents or caregivers who have been thinking of enrolling in adult ed programs often exhibit increased interest. Those who have stopped out may be thinking of returning. This is a great time to promote programs and recruit enrollees. Find free posters and flyers to customize with your program information here, then print and distribute in target areas. Check out KET’s short inspirational videos  to engage and encourage learners. These short snippets certainly underscore “why” learners need certain skills in the workplace. Link them in social posts or on your webpage.

Understand learner challenges and needs. Research shows that certain best practices in adult education include assessing the learning needs of students. Statistics show individuals with learning disabilities are three times more likely to drop out of school. The actual number of people with learning challenges is much higher as learning disabilities often go undiagnosed or untreated. Chances are that some learners enrolled in adult education face some of these challenges. Take some time to learn more about learning disabilities and how to help your learners overcome the challenges associated.

Get trusted learning resources for results. KET offers two online learning programs complete with learning management systems that allow teachers to view exactly when and how long learners spend on course content. FastForward is a comprehensive preparation program for learners studying for high school credential exams including GED® or HiSet. Studies show that 90% of learners utilizing FastForward to prepare for the GED exam pass and earn a credential.

Recently instructors Marc Richey from Kentucky and Linzy Patterson from Mississippi, shared how FastForward helps meet student goals.

Richey says, “If students go through FastForward they will pass. It has been a great way to reach students during Covid.” 

Patterson says, “…the students enjoy the program and how they are able to track their progress through the curriculum. (It) is a great tool that is proven to assist students in achieving their HSE”.

KET’s Workplace Essential Skills works on the same comprehensive learning platform as FastForward. Designed to teach math and language arts skills contextualized in high-demand career fields, Workplaces Essential Skills allows learners to understand “why” they need to learn certain academic skills. A recent program evaluation showed that 100% of learners using Workplace Essentials skills report learning new skills!

For more information about FastForward and Workplace Essential Skills visit Sign up for a free trial to see all these programs offer!