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Habits to Keep Students Healthy

There are simple habits students can learn to help stay healthy all year round, but especially during cold and flu season. Use these resources from KET, PBS Kids, Sesame Street and other public media as a fun reminder for kids.

Healthy Habits | Everyday Learning
This KET video demonstrates two of the most important habits we can teach children: covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and washing your hands. In this video, a young girl demonstrates the correct procedure for performing these two simple tasks. It’s important to introduce preschool-age children to healthy habits and to reinforce these habits while they are young so that they become automatic.

Germs Germs Go Away | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Help kids exercise their imaginations and learn to stay healthy with Daniel Tiger. Daniel imagines that he can make all of the germs on his hands go away.

In My Bathroom | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Little by little children learn to take care of themselves, like brushing their teeth, washing their hands and going to the potty. With this game you and your child have a way to play about and practice some bathroom routines.

ABC Scrub With Me! | Super Why
Why do we wash hands after we go potty, before we eat, after playing outdoors, after we sneeze on them? Germs! This fun activity helps kids visualize germs while practicing their alphabet skills.

Sid’s Health Day | Sid the Science Kid
In this episode of Sid the Science Kid, Sid and his friends learn all about how to stay healthy. They discover that washing their hands with soap and warm water, eating nutritious foods, brushing their teeth, exercising, and getting enough sleep are all ways to keep sickness away.

Wash Your Hands! | Sesame Street in Communities
A hand washing song and activity featuring Elmo that explores when it’s important to wash your hands.

Handwashing: Step by Step | Sesame Street in Communities
Print this page and invite kids to color it in, then help them cut it apart and put the steps in order. Post the cards in the correct sequence near the bathroom sink. The next time kids wash their hands, help them try Elmo’s trick: Sing the alphabet song to remember how long to wash!

The Federal Bureau of Ick | PBS LearningMedia
Uncle Sam is asking you to do your part to fight ICK! Wherever ick may be.