Early Childhood News

Head back to school with Daniel Tiger

With the start of the new school year, PBS KIDS’ popular series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is premiering new episodes to help kids gear up for the fall. On September 5th, the Emmy Award-nominated preschool show from The Fred Rogers Company kicks off a week of new episodes that focus specifically on school-readiness strategies.

A recent study showed that kids who watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood had higher levels of empathy, were better at recognizing emotions and were more confident in social situations. This was especially true for low-income children and kids ages four and younger.

Look for these episodes throughout the week starting at 9/8 am on KET:

“No Red Sweater for Daniel” – Daniel is getting ready for the day and can’t find his red sweater anywhere! Mom tells Daniel that it’s in the wash, so he’ll just have to find something else to wear. Daniel puts on a blue sweater and is concerned that he looks so different; how does he know he’s still HIM? Mom assures him that no matter what you wear or how different you appear, you’re always still YOU on the inside.
“Teacher Harriet’s New Hairdo” – Daniel goes to school and finds that something is different: his teacher! But wait…it IS Teacher Harriet, only with a different hairstyle. Daniel is hesitant at first, but soon comes to understand that even though we can all change how we look on the outside, we’re still the same on the inside.
Premieres Monday, September 5

 “Sharing at the Library” – Daniel is at the library to check out a new book. Just as he spots the book he wants, O the Owl reaches for the same one! Who knew that sharing a book with a friend could be even more fun than reading it alone?
“Daniel Shares with Margaret” — Daniel gets a special sticker book from Grandpere, but Margaret wants to play with the stickers, too. Daniel learns that while sharing can make things more fun, there are also some things you don’t have to share.
Premieres Tuesday, September 6

 “Daniel’s Allergy” – When Daniel tries a peach for the first time, he learns he is allergic to the fruit. Dad and Doctor Anna take care of him, and Doctor Anna tells Daniel how he can take care of himself, too.
“Allergies at School” – Daniel is celebrating the 100th day at school. He tells Teacher Harriet and his friends that he is allergic to peaches. Teacher Harriet, Katerina, Miss Elaina, O the Owl and Prince Wednesday take care of Daniel by helping him avoid peaches. They all take care of each other in different ways throughout the school day.
Premieres Wednesday, September 7

“Daniel Makes a Noise Maker” – Daniel and Katerina are playing “super hero helpers.” They use Baby Margaret’s rattle as their super-duper noise maker to make sure everyone knows that help is on the way. When Baby Margaret wants her rattle back, Katerina and Daniel create their own super-duper noise makers and continue saving the day!
“Daniel Makes the Neighborhood” – Daniel and Prince Wednesday are at the Museum-Go-Round playing with Miss Elaina. The three friends take their stuffed toys for a trolley ride around a pretend neighborhood and create miniature models of their homes from items they find in the “Make It Box.”
Premieres Thursday, September 8

“The Neighborhood Fall Festival” – The neighbors are busy decorating for the big Fall Festival when a gust of wind knocks down Music Man Stan’s hard work. Daniel and his friends help rebuild the scene and learn that everyone’s abilities are different – what’s important is that you do your best.
“Field Day at School” – Teacher Harriet has set up a Fall Field Day outside at school today. While trying new games, Daniel and his friends struggle to play the games the way they want to. They learn a lesson about the importance of doing your best.
Premieres Friday, September 9