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How to Make Family Meals the Best Part of Your Day

“What’s for dinner?” is a question that resounds through most households daily. Developmental psychologist Suzanne Bouffard explores how to make it less stressful and explains how it benefits kids’ social, emotional, and cognitive development.

“Sure, it can be stressful getting food on the table, and my eight-year-old sometimes complains about the stir-fry while my three-year-old smears it on his face. But family dinner is often the best part of my day, and research suggests it benefits my kids’ social, emotional and cognitive development. Those moments are just as important as the fun ones, because they give us a chance to teach table manners, flexibility and gratitude. During family meals, we can slow the pace of our hectic lives and focus on the people we care about most.”

Read her entire article for great tips.

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