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Ideas to Keep Adult Learners Engaged During Busy Summer Months

Finding time to continue studies when busy summer activities begin can be challenging, especially for adults who may have school-aged children at home, kids involved in activities, vacations and more. Here are a few ideas to consider for keeping your learners engaged.

Consider utilizing an evaluation or performance tool. Meet with students to review progress and encourage continuance. Identify areas of concern. Offer opportunities to accelerate learning or master specific objectives during summer months with online learning programs such as FastForward or Workplace Essential Skills from KET.

FastForward offers online instruction in math, language arts, science and social studies for learners working toward a high school equivalency credential. FastForward allows instructors to build a learning plan for each student; assign extra practice and follow progress–including time-on-task.

Offer opportunities to explore. Learners can benefit from fresh new ideas and perspectives about how learning is applied. Workplace Essential Skills teaches math and language arts in the context of high-demand work fields like healthcare, manufacturing, construction, IT, transportation, hospitality and more! Workplace Essential Skills is especially helpful in keeping adults engaged and might be the perfect tool to help learners master math or language arts objectives during the summer. Learners can choose courses based on career interests and earn badges as they complete modules. Content is appropriate for foundational high school equivalency and workplace-prep level learners.

Keep in contact. Make sure you have permission to text and email and make sure you have accurate contact information. Send a relevant, encouraging text or email to keep learners connected to you and your program.

Connect! If possible, plan an opportunity to allow families to connect to community resources and each other. Think learning fairs with opportunities for parents and children to complete an activity together. Think picnic in a local park. Think community health and resources fairs where vendors share information on important programs available in your community.

Encourage Learning Together. Help parents and children learn together by sharing trusted educational content. PBS LearningMedia offers an extensive repository of FREE learning activities for all ages.