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Join KET for “Spotlight Education” Week: September 12-19

The status of education in America is investigated in a special, weeklong “Spotlight Education” slate of primetime programming set to air on KET September 12-19.

First, on Monday, September 12 at 9/8 pm, KET’s live Education Matters “College Financial Aid Call-In 2017” shares tips and answers questions for parents and students navigating the sometimes intimidating financial aid application process. Viewers can call in to ask their questions about financial aid application forms, deadlines and more.

Then, immediately following on Monday, September 12 at 10/9 pm on KET, P.O.V. “All the Difference” follows the journey of two African-American teens from the South Side of Chicago on a journey to achieve their dream of graduating from college.

On Tuesday, September 13 at 9/8 pm on KET, FRONTLINE “A Subprime Education” takes a fresh look at the troubled for-profit college industry and shows how an innovative program to stem the high school dropout crisis helped one girl navigate a path from a public middle school in the Bronx on to college.

Immediately following on September 13 at 10/9 pm on KET, TED TALKS “Education Revolution” explores innovative approaches to education, including perspectives by guest speakers Anna Deavere Smith and Sal Khan, who discuss the school-to-prison pipeline, the impact of micromanaging kids and ways to transform struggling students into scholars.

On Wednesday, September 14 at 9/8 pm on KET, NOVA “School of the Future” explores the new science of learning, which may result in a reimagining of the future of education for all children. Can insights from neuroscientists, psychologists and educators reveal new understanding of the ways kids’ brains work and how they learn – and tell us which techniques are most likely to engage and inspire their growing minds?

The following night, on Thursday, September 15 at 9/8 pm on KET2, Time for School: 2003-2016 introduces viewers to children from seven different countries who were struggling to get what all Americans take for granted – a basic education. The film catches up with the seven subjects, now adults, to see how their lives have turned out.

On Saturday, September 17 beginning at 2/1 pm on KET, American Graduate Day focuses on organizations and individual champions whose work is helping keep students on the path toward high school graduation.

Finally, on Monday, September 19 at 9/8 pm on KET, Class of ’27: America Reframed features three stories from rural American communities – including Booneville, in Owsley County, Ky. – where teachers and local leaders are joining forces to beat the odds and guide their children toward the goal of high school graduation.