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Kentucky Educator named as PBS Digital Innovator All-Star

Dee Dee Webb, the district technology integration specialist with Grayson County Schools, was selected as one of 19 educators from across the country for the PBS Digital Innovator All-Star Program.

The PBS Digital Innovator All-Star program brings together a community of PreK-12th grade educators who are innovators and leaders both in and outside of the classroom. Each of the Digital Innovator All-Stars was selected from a cohort of educators who are doing extraordinary work in their local communities, supporting student learning by integrating media and digital technology in their teaching environments, inspiring students to use these tools in responsible, effective and empowering ways.

Dee Dee, with her joy and energy, exemplifies the spirit of Kentucky and its schools. She celebrates students and fellow teachers, and her passion for sharing KET and PBS resources in her role as technology integration specialist is infectious, said Tonya Crum, KET’s senior director of education.

“Professional learning among teachers grows stronger because of Dee Dee’s influence—not to mention the usage of PBS LearningMedia and other KET resources,” Crum said. “When Dee Dee sets up a district-wide EdCamp, all the teachers come—they can’t wait to hear what she will share.”

Whether she is training students to create media arts projects, using PBS LearningMedia to enhance learning, working with teachers at statewide conferences, or sharing classroom concepts with online communities, she always integrates public media tools. In each of her roles—as classroom teacher, media specialist, school technology coordinator, Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) sponsor, and technology integration specialist—Dee Dee demonstrates the vital role of effective and meaningful technology use in today’s classrooms.

In partnership with KET, Dee Dee will spend the 2020-2021 school year deepening engagement among students, families, educators, schools and KET. The full list of the 2020 PBS Digital Innovator All-Stars, their profiles and photographs can be found here.