Teachers at KET Multimedia Day 2017
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KET Multimedia Day 2017

This Wednesday at KET, Kentucky teachers found a way to beat the summer heat by checking out the coolest innovations in educational media! With over 200 visitors taking part in KET’s annual Multimedia Day, this event became a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives from educators across the state. I started my morning by hosting a session on setting up a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classroom, but with all the energy buzzing about the building, I couldn’t help but visit other presentations throughout the day! Between 3D printing, augmented reality, animation and video production, and even a helping of Minecraft, the day was action-packed for any teacher hoping to bring productive, cutting-edge technology into their classroom. Perhaps most exciting was the flight and safety demonstration of a sUAS drone—our flyby provided the fun photo below!

Teachers at KET Multimedia Day 2017

There were so many engaging sessions and so little time to visit them all! For those interested in 3D Printing, Tim Withers offered a demonstration on how to create three-dimensional models through scanning and design software. Erin Waggoner hosted a session showing how students and teachers can use the free, powerful tools in G-Suite. Game creation was even on the table, as James Allen showed how the app Bloxels uses physical manipulatives to help students with game and program design. KET staff were also on-site to provide information on the rich media resources that PBS offers to schools. Of course, between all the action-packed presentations, visitors could always stop by to take a break with Big Bird!

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