Solid Metal Group manufacturing plant in Chicago (2)
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Manufacturing Day is October 1

National Manufacturing Day is the first Friday in October each year. There are so many exciting and well-paying career opportunities in the manufacturing industry! Some popular types of manufacturing jobs according to ZipRecruiter are mechanical engineers, instrument technicians, CAD (computer aided-design) draftsmen, plant operators, quality control inspectors, industrial painters, machine operators and assembly line workers. These jobs range in salary from $21,000 to $90,000 per year AND there are jobs available now! The Manufacturing Institute estimates manufacturers will need to fill 4 million jobs within the next decade.

The US Census Bureau recently released an interactive visualization tool that explores all the manufacturers involved in building and furnishing homes. Lots of manufacturing roles play parts in processes we may not think of. The tool allows users to see costs and employment related to specific industries related to housing manufacturing! Share or help your learners check it out!

For more resources to help adults learn skills needed to work in the manufacturing industry, visit KET’s Workplace Essential Skills which features math and language arts lessons contextualized to manufacturing jobs. Also find FREE video resources to share from KET’s Careers In Demand video collection within PBS LearningMedia.