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May you know the importance of the work you do

The month of May marks a milestone for many students. With caps and gowns adorned they walk the stages of kindergarten programs, middle and high school gymnasiums and college venues. These events stir the hearts of many adults who have not completed high school or college and all that stirring in the heart often produces regret. 

Regret is defined as a negative emotion predicated by what we believe is a fault in personal action — something we wish we had done differently. Studies show the top six areas where people say they have regret are: education, career, romance, parenting, self and leisure. 

Luckily for all those adults holding onto regrets because they stopped out of school, there are encouraging, supportive adult educators ready to help them revise the decision. 

Did you ever think of yourself as an agent for changing America’s most common area of regret? Yes – that’s you! Let your communities know that you and your programs are easily accessible. Let them know their past decisions do not have to lead to long-term regrets. 

Thank you for all the dedicated work you do to turn regretful decisions into life-changing opportunities! Our best wishes to you and all your adult learners completing goals during this milestone month of May! We hope you enjoyed a very special Teacher Appreciation Week!