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New 24/7 KET PBS KIDS Channel

Get PBS KIDS programming anytime you want with the launch of the KET PBS KIDS channel, a new, educational 24/7 children’s service that includes free, full-time children’s programming available on air, on mobile and online.

The channel is available statewide through KET’s 16 transmitter over-the-air broadcast network, on cable systems and via livestream at KET.org/kids, pbskids.org and on the PBS KIDS Video App – for Apple and Android devices – 24 hours a day.

“KET is expanding on our commitment to supporting Kentucky families with these new 24/7 services, ensuring that our proven educational content is accessible anytime and anywhere to all children,” said Shae Hopkins, KET’s executive director and CEO.

“KET and PBS KIDS provide safe, educational, commercial-free programming,” Hopkins said, “We help children prepare for kindergarten with pre-literacy, math and critical-thinking skills.”

Helping Kentucky children prepare for school

In Kentucky, where entry screenings indicate that only about 50 percent of the state’s children enter kindergarten prepared for school, KET PBS KIDS programming offers an accessible source for high-quality, educational programming that helps children become kindergarten-ready.

Free access to high-quality early education resources

For the many Kentucky children who are not in any formal preschool environment before entering kindergarten, KET and PBS KIDS are the only high-quality early childhood education resources accessible to every Kentuckian, including our most vulnerable children in urban and rural areas throughout the state.

Nielsen data demonstrates that most children’s TV viewing takes place on weeknights and weekend afternoons and evenings. The new service provides learning opportunities during the times of day when children watch TV the most: primetime.

The KET PBS KIDS channel will include popular PBS KIDS programs such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Splash and Bubbles, Nature Cat, Ready Jet Go! and more.

Building critical skills for success

Research confirms that PBS KIDS content helps children build critical skills that enable them to find success in school and in life, while also helping parents increase their own engagement. Additionally, new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) note that “well-designed television programs, such as Sesame Street, can improve cognitive, literacy and social outcomes for children 3 to 5 years of age.”

KET PBS KIDS channel listings on Spectrum TV are:
• Covington 196
• Ashland 310
• Bowling Green 196
• Hazard 310
• Lexington 196
• Madisonville 105
• Morehead 310
• Murray 193
• Owensboro 310
• Louisville 196
• Paducah 193
• Pikeville 310
• Somerset 310
• Elizabethtown 310

KET PBS KIDS channel listings on Comcast are:
• Franklin 253
• Horse Cave 240
• Ft Campbell 244
• Greenville 233
• Paducah 240
• Lawrenceburg (Ind.) 250
• Campbellsville 239
• Elizabethtown 239

Additional cable services may be adding KET PBS KIDS as well, please check local listings.

The KET PBS KIDS channel is also available over-the-air on these broadcast channels:
• Ashland WKAS 25.4
• Bowling Green WKGB 53.4
• Covington WCVN 54.4
• Elizabethtown WKZT 23.4
• Hazard WKHA 35.4
• Lexington-Richmond WKLE 46.4
• Louisville WKPC 15.4
• Madisonville WKMA 35.4
• Morehead WKMR 38.4
• Murray-Mayfield WKMU 21.4
• Owensboro-Henderson WKOH 31.4
• Owenton WKON 52.4
• Paducah WKPD 29.4
• Pikeville WKPI 22.4
• Somerset WKSO 29.4