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KET educational resources complement Back to School classroom instruction

As children, teens and educators return to school, whether to a physical classroom or virtual one, KET’s educational resources will be there as a trusted source for complementing classroom instruction with high-quality videos, interactive activities and other engaging digital learning tools. KET resources are used in Kentucky classrooms every day. Last year, Kentucky students and teachers streamed nearly 1.7 million digital resources provided by KET. 

News Quiz

KET’s weekly online current events program for students is one of the most popular resources streamed on PBS LearningMedia, drawing more than 15,000 users each week. The new season begins in September!

Field Trip to the Kentucky Capitol

These three videos offer students a way to take a virtual tour of the Capitol building and learn about the history of state government, the art and sculpture found on the grounds and the building’s architecture.

Social Studies Shorts

This video series explores social studies and civics topics, such as Kentucky’s legislature, the governor’s office, notable Kentucky women, presidential inaugurations, the U.S. Supreme Court and more.

Skills on Demand

Aimed at students in grades 6-12, this lesson series offers real-world examples of problems to help students brush up on their math and language arts and see how these skills are useful in a variety of career fields.


Bring your students on a trip to Artsville, where art takes center stage! This fun, animated video collection teaches students about dance, drama, music and the visual arts.

KET is Kentucky’s largest classroom, where learning comes to life for more than one million people each week via television, online and mobile.