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News Quiz Students Share Holiday Traditions

To get into the holiday spirit this year, KET’s weekly current events show for students, News Quiz asked viewers to share what their favorite holiday food is. Along with hearing about some delectable dishes, we also got to know a little more about what makes these traditional dishes so special to students in Kentucky and around the world.

The following is just a TASTE of what is being shared.

My favorite holiday food is cookies… I bake with my family every single year with a bunch of my cousins and a bunch friends. We make so many cookies our whole table is covered with cookies.
Dixie Magnet Elementary, Fayette County

I love sweet tamales on Christmas because [they are] so soft, warm, and sweet inside… it’s perfect because [they’re] warm and winter is cold.
La Canada Elementary, California

My favorite holiday food is the lasagna my mom makes for Christmas. The smell, texture, and taste fills my heart with love and joy. I think my mom’s lasagna is famous to me because of how delicious it is.
Iwakuni Elementary, Japan

I like my mom’s Halloween dinner consisting of any Halloween spooky thing like mummy hot dogs. My mom uses creativity to make these treats.
Johnson Elementary, Fort Thomas Independent

My favorite holiday food has a variety [of] stadium food. We usually eat this on Super Bowl Sunday because we want to feel like we are there, but tickets are very expensive.
St. Pius X, Diocese of Covington

Halloween candy because it tastes good and keeps me awake.
Clinton Elementary, Illinois

I like eating potato pancakes because I am Jewish and I celebrate Hanukkah… it’s a cool and different food that not many people eat.
Johnson Elementary, Fort Thomas Independent

My favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie because my dad makes it every year… he doesn’t cook much so it’s fun when he does. And it is absolutely delicious.
Cumberland Elementary, Wisconsin

Mine is my granny’s mac and cheese It’s special to me because it’s her homemade and it’s the best we have it every single year!
Jenkins Elementary, Jenkins Independent

My favorite holiday food is pumpkin spice rolls. I like them because my mom makes a really yummy cinnamon Icing for them.
Norton Elementary, Jefferson County

My favorite holiday food is lasagna. I just like the noodle part not the cheese part for some reason. We have it on Christmas Eve. I randomly tried and I liked it.
Poage Elementary, Ashland Independent

My favorite holiday food is my grandmother’s homemade turkey. I love watching her walking in the door of the house with the dish full of delicious turkey.
Taylor County Intermediate, Taylor County

My favorite holiday food is on Christmas – breakfast because it is the best morning ever! I can’t choose any because it is all too good!
Fern Creek Elementary, Jefferson County

My favorite food is probably pumpkin pie, turkey, or spaghetti because I am Italian. I love to cook and bake because it is calming for me and fun.
Garrett Morgan Elementary, Fayette County

My favorite holiday food is New Year’s dinner because I love the little ham sandwiches that my mom makes.
MLK Elementary, Christian County

My favorite holiday food is cranberry fluff because it’s the combo of sweet and savory. it has been a tradition since my great grandma was alive. It makes me remember her during the holidays.
Lincoln Elementary, Wisconsin

Deviled Eggs! I love the taste! I only get them three times a year so when I do, I always get more than one!
Brookside Elementary, Jessamine County

Kobee. Kobee is a Middle Eastern food that everyone makes and eats in Syria on any holiday. I am from Syria, so yeah, that’s why I like it, and if you try it, you will love it.
Valencia Elementary, California

Halo-Halo which is an ice-cream drink with ube (ube is a filipino flavor) and it tastes so good. It’s a traditional filipino food, because on Christmas, we drink this and we laugh together and make good memories!
North Pointe Elementary, Boone County

My favorite holiday food is deer meat! My dad and I hunt together over Christmas break!
Brodhead Elementary, Rockcastle County

I’m Somali and my favorite holiday is Eid and Ramadan and what we eat is samosa on Ramadan and Eid but before we eat on Ramadan we have to fast for the day.
Hazelwood Elementary, Jefferson County

Every year (except for this  one), my mom makes a DELICIOUS pretzel salad for all of the holidays. I like it because it is like a casserole, because it has all types of yummy foods, like jello, whipped cream, and pretzels. I also get to help make it.  
SCAPA at Bluegrass,  Fayette County

My favorite food is turkey because me and my dad go hunting for turkey and keep it until Thanksgiving.
W.B. Muncy, Leslie County

My favorite holiday food is hot browns. It has bacon, melted cheese, turkey and toast. We eat it every Christmas Eve at my cousin’s house. My gramma and my aunt make the turkey and my great grandaddy carves the turkey.  The melted cheese and the bacon go together really good. The toast is cooked just right. It’s big and fat and only one fills me up.
Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary, Jessamine County

I can’t decide! But maybe my mom’s sweet potato casserole. It is so good. She bakes it so that the marshmallows on top are crispy like smores. It makes me hungry just thinking about it!
Sherwood Middle School, Oregon

I love my mom’s holiday cookies. They are called cowboy cookies. And no they are not shape like cowboys but, that would be cool.
Beechwood Elementary, Beechwood Independent

My favorite holiday food is pancit. It is a filipino dish that me and all my family members have at our Christmas party. Pancit is dried rice noodles with vegetables.I always look forward to eating it!
Bowen Elementary, Alaska

My favorite Thanksgiving food is my grandma’s meatloaf. She even has her own family cookbook because everyone in my family loves her cooking. She also lets me help her cook sometimes.
Foster Heights Elementary, Nelson County

My favorite holiday food is a log. This is like a cake but in the shape of a log. I like this food because it represents my french side of my family.
Fort Wright Elementary, Kenton County

My favorite holiday food is haggis on Burns Night. My family are originally from Scotland so we enjoy celebrating and eating haggis.
Mill Hill Elementary, Connecticut