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PBS TeacherLine Launches New Website

PBS TeacherLine just launched a new site that highlights six of their best Early Elementary and PreK professional development courses! A couple of the more popular classes you will find available are:

An Introduction to Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy Instruction (starts AUGUST 15th)

Give yourself the knowledge and background needed to successfully implement a responsive literacy curriculum in your classroom, thereby addressing the needs of ALL learners.

Vocabulary as a Foundation for Learning (starts SEPTEMBER12th)

Make word learning a part of everything you do throughout the instructional day! Learn how to embed powerful vocabulary instruction into your teaching routines and gain insight into why this matters so much. This course will help you take a close look at the relationship between vocabulary and children’s literacy and knowledge development.

Be sure to visit KET’s Childcare Training website to explore options for satisfying your annual training requirements.


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