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Resources for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The U.S. sets aside the third Monday in January to remember the life and work of legendary civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here is a sample of some of the free PBS LearningMedia instructional resources available to help students learn more about King’s legacy.

Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Frankfort
Grades 3-12

Martin Luther King Jr. was the featured speaker at a March on Frankfort in 1964, where an estimated 10,000 people gathered in a peaceful protest for civil rights. This collection of videos for grades 3-12 features interviews with 10 people who participated in that march as teens or young adults. The resources include background reading, discussion questions, handouts and activities to bring the story alive in your classroom.

All About the Holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Grades K-5

The third Monday in January is a national holiday observing the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Learn more about this leader of the civil rights movement and about how we honor him today with this video for grades K-5.

American Icon: Martin Luther King Jr.
Grades 3-8

In this American Icons lesson plan for students in grades 3-8, your class will watch a short video and engage in two primary source activities in order to explore how King’s deep-seated commitment to nonviolence contributed to the expansion of social justice in the United States, particularly for African Americans.