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Resources for Veterans Day

Teach students about Veterans Day and why we honor those who have served and are serving in the U.S. military.  Educators can use PBS LearningMedia’s free, multimedia K-12 instructional resources to engage students with historical accounts, many from veterans themselves. Below is a small sample of what’s available, most with accompanying teacher support materials (discussion questions, background essay, etc.).

Veterans Day Printables | Sesame Street   
Suggested grades PreK-K

Make a finger puppet parade of pride with these Veterans Day muppets and make these Veterans Day printables into cards or signs by coloring them.

Veterans Day | All About the Holidays  
Suggested grades K-5

Veterans Day allows Americans to honor military veterans across the country. Originally celebrated as “Armistice Day” to mark the end of battles during WWI, the celebration has now extended to honor the more than 23 million veterans in the United States.

Take a Vet to School  |  Classroom Close-Up 
Suggested grades K-8

In this episode of NJEA’s Classroom Close-up, Hooper Avenue Elementary School salutes and celebrates veterans by inviting veterans into their school to share their stories of service. The event is in celebration of Veterans’ Day and includes a flag-raising ceremony, concert performed by younger students, and classroom visits in which veterans speak to students about their personal stories and respond to questions. The school is proud to have all five branches of the military represented in this event that demonstrates the importance of military service in protecting our country.

We Salute Our Veterans | Know Ohio 
Suggested grades 3-8

Today, United States Veterans make up approximately 7% of Ohio’s population. Meet three individuals who risked their lives and made sacrifices for their country. African American Robert Madison was segregated and prevented from fighting along with his white counterparts. His all-black unit made significant contributions during World War II. Also during that war, Ohioan Margaret Henry served through the Red Cross and was drawn into the Battle of the Bulge. Vietnam War veteran Thomas Nelson Moe served as an Air Force pilot, was shot down, and imprisoned for five years. These three represent a small portion of the service contributed by Ohio’s veterans.

Tuskegee Airmen Experiences in World War II 
Suggested grades 3-12

The Tuskegee Airmen, officially known as the 332nd fighter group, were the first African Americans to fly planes in the U.S. military. Although they faced severe discrimination in the country and mandates of the Jim Crow laws in the south, they volunteered in large numbers to help fight in World War II. This segment of Iowa Public Television’s Iowa’s WWII Stories includes historical 

footage and profiles an Iowa veteran and member of the Tuskegee Airmen.

The Greatest Sacrifice – A Lesson Plan for Veterans Day 
Suggested grades 6-12

Use this PBS NewsHour Extra lesson plan to help students explore the challenges facing our nation’s veterans today including long wait times for treatment and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. From the PBS NewsHour Classroom collection

Kortney Clemons: A Veteran’s Journey
Suggested grades 6-12

Paralympic sprinter, long jump competitor and U.S. Army veteran Kortney Clemons lost his right leg in Iraq. Paralympic sports, he says, are just like the Olympics: “a very big deal.” Learn about his journey, in this video from Medal Quest.

Nobody Wins A War – William Atha | WWII: Words of Wisdom 
Suggested grades 6-12

William Atha discusses his thoughts on the nature of war. This video is an excerpt from a full interview. This and many others are all available in the collection The Georgia WWII Oral History Project.

Native American Veterans | Wyoming’s Native Americans
Suggested grades 6-12

Learn about Wyoming’s Native American Veterans as three United States military veterans who call the Wind River Reservation home tell their stories.

In the accompanying lesson plans (geared to Grade 8, and located in the Support Materials), students will watch a video that shows interviews with Native American Indian Veterans from the Wind River Reservation who served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars . . . .

Taylor Urruella’s Story: Coping with Physical Disability | Coming Back with Wes Moore   
Suggested grades 9-12

Taylor Urruella is a 28-year-old who lost his leg fighting in the United States Army. Initially, Taylor’s transition back to civilian life was not a smooth one. But now, Taylor has found a new mission. Coming Back with Wes Moore documents Taylor’s attempt to make one of the elite college baseball teams in the country, while simultaneously building an organization that helps returning veterans readjust to life through sports.  Sensitive: This resource contains material that may be sensitive for some students. Teachers should exercise discretion in evaluating whether this resource is suitable for their class.

This video is from the Soldiers, Veterans, and War in American Life  collection. These videos, images, and media-rich lesson plans allow you to bring stories from the battlefront into American history, world history, and health classrooms. Compare veterans’ recounted memories of World War II and Vietnam to understand how these wars shaped American culture. Analyze artifacts and oral histories that reveal important experiences of a nation during times of conflict. Use recent veterans’ personal stories to engage in a discussion of how the choice to become a soldier and the experience of serving relate to personal values and goals.

The Veteran Community | American Veteran  
Suggested grades 9-12

Veterans of the armed forces come from a diverse blend of demographic, geographic, and ethnic backgrounds. Yet many veterans encounter people who hold common stereotypical images of who our veterans are and what they can achieve.

For these and other Veterans Day-related resources, visit our curated folder. Have questions or need assistance? Contact your KET Education Consultant! We love helping educators and students!