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Resources to address race and racism for families, educators and students

Recent events in Kentucky and across the United States have shed light on the need to rethink how we’re teaching students – and ourselves – to fight racism. KET Education has curated this list of free resources with other trusted public media partners to use as tools to support learning. As with all educational materials, please preview these resources prior to utilizing with students to check for appropriateness.

Resources for Middle and High School Students

  • The Confronting Anti-Black Racism collection highlights materials to help students understand the long history of anti-Black racism in the United States, and think about ways to address it in their own families and communities. Resources include news coverage of recent protests, videos on the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests against police brutality within the past decade, iconic PBS documentaries on the histories of race and racism in America, and activities addressing civic engagement and elevating students’ voices.
  • Confronting Bias: Ethics in the Classroom provides tools to incorporate ethics education in the classroom, promote understanding of differing viewpoints, and foster civil dialogue about bias. The collection is divided into three subcategories; Understanding Bias, Experiencing Bias, and Addressing Bias. Resources you’ll find in this collection include:

The following collections can also be used to support your lessons and discussions. They focus on civil rights and Black history:

Resources for Working with Younger Children

Additional Resources