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Resources to Start Coding With Your Class

Integrating Computer Science in the Classroom Blog

Five classroom-friendly tips and resources that you can use to introduce young learners to coding, storytelling, and creative problem-solving. Read now.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr

With PBS KIDS ScratchJr, students can create their own interactive stories and games featuring their favorite PBS KIDS characters! By snapping together colorful programming blocks, children can make characters move, jump, dance and sing. In the process, students will learn to solve problems, design projects and express themselves creatively on a tablet. Learn more about how to integrate this into your classroom! Explore collection.

Crash Course: Early Computing

Explore computing’s origins with Crash Course, because even though our digital computers are relatively new, the need for computation is not. Watch now.

Is the Universe a Computer?

What would it mean if Douglass Adams was onto something in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”? What if the Earth and the rest of the universe were a computer? PBS Idea Channel explores. Watch now.

Careers: Computer Programmer

While many students love to use computers and tablets, do they know that someone has to create the games and apps they use on a daily basis? Introduce students to careers as computer programmers. Watch now.