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Serving needs in difficult circumstances

Remember when we flipped on the lights in our classrooms and learning centers, fired up the computers, poured a cup of coffee, watched students sign-in and went about providing assistance and instruction as needed? Well, that was then. Everything has changed everywhere, but perhaps one of the places where serving students has been most adversely impacted is within correctional facilities. Due to mandates and practices adapted to protect persons living and working inside correctional institutions, most congregate activities, including education and job training, have been canceled.

Persons serving time are often brought together in small groups for classroom instruction as they are not allowed free access to the internet without supervision. Sometimes they work on tablets loaded with various educational content in individual settings. Coronavirus has made both situations difficult to impossible. Some facilities have gone back to utilizing workbooks and packets. These are distributed in individual envelopes to inmates in their cells.

We imagine this same scenario happens outside prison walls where adult learners may not have access to the internet or devices for access. Supporting teachers who must work within these extenuating circumstances is important to KET. We have numerous resources available, some of which can be loaded onto tablets and shared without internet access (including lessons and activities that can be printed and distributed on paper), as well as printed workbooks on many learning levels.

If you would like to view suggestions for teaching in an environment without internet connectivity, view this webinar presented by Dr. Sarah Wilkins, Director of Adult Education at KET and Rick Sellnow, Adult Education Specialist at KET. For assistance in locating FREE resources for adult learners, send an email request to Workbooks and other learning resources can be found in our catalog or in our online store. Please let us know if you have other ideas about how we might partner with you to serve challenging populations during this unique time.