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Sesame Street in Communities addresses developmental, physical, and emotional needs

Sesame Street has long been a staple in households with young children. The lovable characters have provided quality educational content for children in 150 countries over the last five decades. 

Over the years Sesame Street has approached difficult topics such as parental addiction, community violence, and homelessness in addition to its focus on educational content and child development. Sesame Workshop says, “They call it the Sesame Effect. That’s what happens when you combine the power of media and the Muppets of Sesame Street. It’s proven. It’s measurable.” 

Recently the KET Early Childhood Education team introduced a 2-hour training for educators on Sesame Street in Communities as a part of the Virtual Learning Series .  Sesame Street in Communities resources cover topics from developmental milestones to traumatic experiences. 

The training explored the vast professional learning opportunities from Sesame Street in Communities, articles for parents/caregivers, and activities that can be used in or outside of the classroom.  

The training also offered resources to support organizations in their mission to foster families’ and kids’ resilience, nurture their physical and mental health, as well as provide critical early learning opportunities. Sesame Street in Communities creates resources to address kids’ developmental, physical, and emotional needs. After all, educators are a crucial part of the “circle of care” that surrounds the families and kids who need it most. 

KET will offer the Virtual Learning Series again in 2021. To be notified when registration is available, please sign-up for the Early Childhood newsletter and follow @KETEarlyEd on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.