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Smooth the Transition to School with Help from Daniel Tiger

Starting preschool or Kindergarten can be a difficult transition for some kids. To help ease the anxiety of the first few weeks of school, turn to a familiar face for them – Daniel Tiger!

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Sharing Toys Can Be Hard! | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel isn’t sure about sharing his toy car with Prince Wednesday. Teach kids that sharing and taking turns is important. You can help them become more comfortable with this idea by playing board games with them that require turns.

We are Different and That’s OK | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Help kids learn to identify and appreciate the differences and similarities among themselves and their friends with Daniel Tiger. Daniel and his friends sing about some of the ways that they are different and the same.

Article: Adjusting to Preschool | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Learn about how the transition into preschool can be challenging in this article from the Fred Rogers’ Company.

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