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Register now for KET’s Summer PD Event!

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for our annual KET Summer PD event held at KET in Lexington on July 13th. Come explore with us and learn about STLP, copyright, videography, social and emotional learning, media literacy and more from fellow educators and KET staff like News Quiz host Kelsey Starks.  

The event is free and available in-person and virtually via Zoom this year! Some sessions will be exclusively available to our in-person participants. Space is limited so register soon. We hope to see you there!

News Media Literacy: Making Sense of It All

In a digital world where news media comes at us in all directions, (social media, memes, blogs/vlogs, viral videos, advertising, and more) we have to teach our students how to make sense of it all. All media is created by someone and for a purpose, whether it be to persuade, inform, entertain, or a combination of all three. With the guidance of KET Education Consultants Kathy Davis and Larry Moore, you will be equipped to begin the lifelong journey of making responsible decisions in viewing and creating media. More importantly, as an educator, you can begin to teach those skills to your students.

Google Earth: Bringing Learning Standards and Research Skills to Life

What if one activity, one lesson, or one learning opportunity could completely change a student’s life trajectory? Would you incorporate it? Google Earth has given us the ability to visit far off places with just a few clicks. In this session Stephanie Parker, Digital Learning Coach at Warner Elementary in Jessamine County, will focus on guiding students through the research process as they explore history and create interactive Google Earth Projects that allow them to share their learning with others.

Lights, Camera, Action: From Simple TV Studios to Broadcast Clubs

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, News Quiz host Kelsey Starks set up a simple TV studio in her own home to help keep the weekly current events show going. In this session, get ideas from a professional about what you need to get a studio started on a budget… plus, learn about sponsoring a Broadcast Club at your school! Kelsey will also give an inside look at how News Quiz is made, whether your school already utilizes the show or if you’re thinking about incorporating it in the future!

Considerations for Equitable Access for Students with Disabilities

Our community provides many opportunities for families, such as festivals, events, museums, and more. However, not all students have full access to these activities due to possible physical, visual, or hearing disabilities. Kim Chevalier, Jefferson County Public Schools’s Chief of Exceptional Child Education, will be discuss how access can be provided just by taking some simple steps.

Changing Lives with Project-based Learning

What if one activity, one lesson, or one learning opportunity could completely change a student’s life trajectory? Would you incorporate it?

In this session from Mike Bell and Bobby Akers, both Floyd County DLCs, we will take an in-depth look at the influence project-based learning has on academics, behavior, and inclusion in, as well as out of the classroom. Bring your creativity, laughter, and excitement to learn for this interactive, hands-on learning experience.

Growing Brains with Games: Engaging Students with Games

Middle school English language arts teacher Lakyn Miller will share different ways to utilize gaming for engagement, topic introduction, and review in your classrooms. You’ll also receive training on how to create your own personalized games using two platforms that students are loving right now in her classroom: Kahoot! and Blooket. And hear from a few of her former students about how using games in the classroom helped them to better connect with content.

From Zero to Hero: Taking a Robotics Program from Zero Budget & Robots to 1st Place

See how a first year middle school robotics program went from an idea in the fall of 2021 & zero robots to 4 robots and a 1st place state finish at STLP. Dee Dee Webb, Library Media Specialist at South Warren Middle, will share about grants, lessons, and how to motivate kids to have a successful robotics program.

Post-Pandemic Blended Learning: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Like all districts after March 2020, Shelby County Public Schools experienced significant challenges – but they also experienced growth and successes. In fact, they were flattered to be the only Kentucky district mentioned by name in a recently released national report reflecting on innovative American schools during the pandemic. Join Adam Watson as he shares digital tools, structures and systems that thrived within, and emerged from, the SCPS COVID-19 journey.

Media Literacy in Early Childhood & K-5

Children are regularly engaging with media in a variety of settings. The TEC at the Erikson Institute issued their Media Literacy in Early Childhood Report to help offer a way to support and develop young children’s media literacy skills. Join KET Education Consultants Holly Ackerman and Amy Grant to discuss ways to help children find reliable information in a world of misinformation.

Copyright Today

Join Diana Wolfe, Library Media Specialist at T.C.Cherry Elementary School, to answer the age-old question (at least for the last 20 years), “Can we put this online?” We are living in a digital world, and we are digital educators! This session will provide some answers to your copyright, public domain, and fair use questions in school, what to teach students (relating to the new KY Technology Standards), and a 21st Century Update to the law from 2020.

All About STLP

Find out about STLP from Jeff Sebulsky, STLP State Coordinator. You’ll learn how to involve your school and participate in its excellent, fun student resources and projects.

Building a Classroom Culture for Social and Emotional Learning

Explore fun and creative ways to help students learn self-control and responsibility. Sara O’Keefe, KET’s director of educational content, will share strategies from KET’s new video collection, Social & Emotional Learning: The Arts for Every Classroom. Kyri Demby, music teacher at Jacob Elementary in Jefferson County, will show how easy it can be to implement SEL in the classroom every day.