K-12 News

The countdown is on for the 2020 KET Young Writers Contest!

Held annually, the goal of the KET Young Writers Contest is to encourage student writing and celebrate creativity. With this in mind, and based on your feedback, we’ve broadened the contest’s scope for 2020!

Have a fourth grader who loves crafting poetry, a fifth grader who creates amazing illustrated stories, or a high schooler with a passion for writing short stories? Now they can each submit their favorite pieces to the contest! Or even submit their best work into each category!

With additional writing options, students can stretch their creative minds even further.

We invite students in kindergarten through third grade to submit an illustrated story; students in fourth through fifth grades to submit an illustrated story, short story, and/or a poem; and students in sixth through twelfth grades to submit a short story and/or a poem. Winners are selected and prizes awarded.

First place students receive $100 Barnes & Noble gift cards. The sponsoring parent or teacher of these students receives a $50 gift card! Second and third place students receive prize packs that include Rocketbook Smart Notebooks and a variety of writing and creativity supplies.

The contest deadline is March 27. Official rules and scoring rubrics are available, as well as past winners, at the contest website.

We can’t wait to read your pieces!