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Evaluation of Workplace Essential Skills Courses Underscores Positive Learner Outcomes

Workplace Essential Skills, KET’s newest online contextualized learning system, is posting excellent results from recent learner evaluations. “We were very pleased with the strong sample of users that participated in the evaluation and with their feedback”, explained Beth Gaunce, project director for the WES project. Arroyo Research Services, a professional educational programming evaluation service based in Asheville, NC, completed a comprehensive study of the content, learning objectives and outcomes related to the Workplace Essential Skills program.

Gaunce announced that some of the strongest attributes of the evaluation are that 95% of participants say they were engaged in the course and 84% say they will recommend Workplace Essential Skills to others. Results also showed 97% of participants learned new skills from the content and 85% say the coursework helped them achieve goals.

Math and Soft Skills components of Workplace Essential Skills ranked highest overall as 100% of learners indicated they learned new skills and strategies in these areas. Participants also reported that Workplace Essential Skills was part of an educational or upskilling goal that involved next steps.

Workplace Essential Skills teaches contextualized academic content set within high-demand occupations as well as job search skills within those career fields. A soft skills course is also part of the Workplace Essential Skills package. Content is appropriate for Adult Basic Education level instruction and is an excellent precursor or companion to HSE prep.

Workplace Essential Skills was created by KET and funded in part by the American Graduate program and the Corporation of Public Broadcasting. Purchase or learn more about Workplace Essential Skills here.