Photography Tips for Parents

For examples visit our summer photo inspiration page.

  • Any digital camera your child has will work great: an iPad or a cell phone.
  • Remind your child to take lots of pictures of the fun adventures you have as a family or with friends this summer. (Click here for ideas and examples.)
  • Encourage your child to experiment! Take several photos of the same subject in different ways: centered to the right then to the left.
  • Show your little photographer how to hold the camera straight up and down (vertical) for some photos then turn it on its side (horizontal) for others. Which does your child like best?
  • Different viewpoints make for interesting photos. Have your child try making a photo looking up (from the ground) or looking down at the subject.
  • Remind your child: To have the subject be in focus, not blurry, hold the camera steady when pushing the button. For a blurry effect, ask your subject to move or move the camera as you take your picture.
  • The hardest part will be choosing one photo to submit to our online showcase!
  • No selfies, please. We want to see your adventures, so be creative and have fun!

Download PDF version here.