“Having a camera gives anyone power, but particularly children.” – photographer Wendy Ewald

The contest inspiration
In 1975, Wendy Ewald moved to Letcher County where she taught photography in three elementary schools. She asked her students to photograph the things closest to them, including their dreams or fantasies. She said, “It opened up a whole new way of making pictures for them.” Her students staged themselves, family, friends, and toys to re-enact things they thought or had dreams about and photographed them.

KET asked Kentucky’s students to do the same
This summer, KET invited Kentucky students in kindergarten through 12th grade to enter their best photograph with the theme “Portraits and Dreams” to KET’s Photography Contest. Students were encouraged to be creative with the theme and photograph:

  • Portraits: People, animals, places, or objects that are special to the photographer
  • Dreams: Staged scenes from dreams, daydreams, or hopes using friends, family, toys, and/or themselves

Congratulations to our contest winners!
We love seeing the world through their eyes. Check out their photographs below.

    • Grades K-2
      • 1st Place: “I Love my Brother” Posy Holt, Lexington
      • 2nd Place: “Summer Song” Naminae Swan, Kevil
      • 3rd Place: “lil’ flip-a-roo” Sage Allen, Campbellsville
    • Grades 3-5
      • 1st Place: “Love has no boundaries” Maci Curtsinger, Lawrenceburg
      • 2nd Place: “Frozen Dreams” Lucy Moran, Louisville
      • 3rd Place: “Self Portrait at Barre” Emily Wilson, Midway
    • Grades 6-8
      • 1st Place: “Silas” Sylvia Coogle, Winchester
      • 2nd Place: “The Perfect Shot” Addison Gardner, Prospect
      • 3rd Place: “Be yourself” Elisa Williams, Cynthiana
    • Grades 9-12
      • 1st Place: “Doggie Days” Sarah Stephens, Russell Springs
      • 2nd Place: “Leaning on God” Irene Hatcher, Canmer
      • 3rd Place: “Music: A Light in the Darkness” Malayna Pope, Burlington
    • Grades K-2: “Our Cute Little Teddy Puppy” Ivy Wardle, Louisville
    • Grades 3-5: “Hide & Seek with Sister Portrait” Foster Holt, Lexington
    • Grades 6-8: “Dreaming of Alsha” Eza Gonzalez, Midway
    • Grades 9-12: “The Golden Hour” Kenya Cromer, Brodhead
    • Grades K-2: “I Love my Brother” Posy Holt, Lexington
    • Grades 3-5: “Love has no boundaries” Maci Curtsinger, Lawrenceburg
    • Grades 6-8: “Silas” Sylvia Coogle, Winchester
    • Grades 9-12: “Leaning on God” Irene Hatcher, Canmer

by Addison Gardner by Elisa Williams by Emily Wilson by Eza Gonzalez by Foster Holt
by Irene Hatcher
by Ivy Wardle by Kenya Cromer by Lucy Moran by Maci Curtsinger by Malayna Pope by Naminae Swan by Posy Holt
by Sage Allen by Sarah Stephens by Sylvia Coogle