Summer Learning at Home Resource Packet

This downloadable PDF packet contains activities for children ages 3-8. Activities can be used and adapted to meet the particular needs of your child.

Activities include:

  • My Shadow Goes Where I Go!
    Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
  • Some Assembly Required
    Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
  • Silly Story Builder
    Martha Speaks
  • Coin Toss
  • Push, Slide Bounce
    Hero Elementary
  • Playing Games with Hundreds Chart
    Peg + Cat
  • Plus other fun tools and resources!

Media Arts Toolkit on PBS LearningMedia

The Media Arts Toolkit collection includes three sections: In the Classroom, Creating Media Arts, and Media Art Artworks. Watch videos of educators who are using media in the classroom in innovative and creative ways. Find tips on how to start creating media and learn how artists are using media in their artworks.

If you would like a FREE binder with Media Arts teacher materials mailed to you, email your name and mailing address to

A Force for Nature: Lucy Braun

This documentary explores the life and legacies of E. Lucy Braun, one of the foremost botanists and ecologists in American history. The film features interviews with scholars (some who worked with Braun), rare archival photographs, and historical reenactments. Important history in ecology, the fate of virgin forests, and successful preservation of natural spaces are highlighted.

The Force for Nature: Lucy Braun education website from the producers of the film includes information about educational uses.

The Dr. E. Lucy Braun educational website from the Cincinnati Museum Center features educational resources for viewers, teachers and students developed by the production team and staff members from the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Edge of Appalachia Preserve System. Lesson plans cover a wide variety of topics in science, social studies, history, language arts and math and are appropriate for upper elementary grades through high school.

Credits and more about the film.

STEM Works

KET is harnessing the power of technology and preparing Kentuckians for the jobs of tomorrow with STEM Works, a collection of high-quality digital STEM and workforce resources and related professional development.

Reclaiming Habitat for Honeybees

Explore the role of pollinators in the ecosystems they are a part of. In this interactive lesson, students will develop a written response to one of three questions about the importance of honeybees. They will gather evidence from reading assignments and video segments about Coal Country BeeWorks’ efforts to reclaim surface mining sites. Those efforts and the introduction of new colonies of honeybees have been mutually beneficial in Eastern Kentucky.

Communicating at Work

Knowing how to communicate in a positive, professional, and constructive way is one of the most important job skills you can develop. Employers value people who work well as part of a team and who can talk respectfully to customers and clients, especially when problems and complaints arise. In this interactive lesson, students will learn the importance of interpersonal communication skills, listening skills, and making a good impression. Students will gather information through reading, activities, and video excerpts from KET’s Dropping Back In to answer one of two final writing prompts about communication skills.

Kentucky’s Underground Railroad

Discover what the Underground Railroad was, the role it played in our county’s history, and why Northern Kentucky was such a key location. In this interactive lesson, students will develop a written response to the questions, “What was the Underground Railroad, and why is Kentucky an important part of its history?” They will gather evidence from reading assignments, video segments from KET’s Kentucky Life, and more.

Inside Opioid Addiction

Learn about the nationwide opioid crisis, its devastating impact on communities and families, and how agencies and individuals are pulling together to respond to this overwhelming public health crisis. In this interactive lesson, students will gather information through reading, activities, and video excerpts from KET’s opioid initiative to write a final essay about what the opioid epidemic is, what caused it, and what’s being done about it. The video segments are narrated by country music artist Sturgill Simpson and include doctors explaining addiction itself, family members recounting their emotional experiences with addicted love ones, and remarks about the crisis by former President Barack Obama.

Teachers should preview the content of any lesson before using it in class. Also, due to the large number of families affected by this epidemic, your students could have firsthand experience with these issues. Therefore, it is especially important that you screen this content before sharing it with students, so that you can be prepared for possible emotional responses.

Ready to Learn Resources

For the past 20 years, PBS and CPB have been partners in a Ready To Learn Initiative that brings educational television and digital media resources to children ages 2-8. Its goal is to promote early learning and school readiness, with an emphasis on supporting children from low-income, underserved communities.

You can check out the newest content, research, and activities for educators, parents, and teachers for the Ready To Learn 2015-2020 Initiative on PBS LearningMedia.

Locomotor Patterns – Lesson Plan

Through a nursery rhyme and folk dance, students explore origins of food. Students perform dances based on a pattern and create a dance using the same pattern.

  • Length: 5 30-minute lessons
  • Grades: K-2


  • Students understand and apply locomotor and non-locomotor movement in performing and creating dances.
  • Students recognize the elements that plants need for growth and the need that humans have for plants.
  • Students recognize historical changes in bread consumption.

Resource Used:
“Weevily Wheat,” Program 3 in the KET-produced series Dancing Threads: Community Dances from Africa to Zuni. It is taught by Appalachian storyteller Anndrena Belcher.