A Force for Nature: Lucy Braun

This documentary explores the life and legacies of E. Lucy Braun, one of the foremost botanists and ecologists in American history. The film features interviews with scholars (some who worked with Braun), rare archival photographs, and historical reenactments. Important history in ecology, the fate of virgin forests, and successful preservation of natural spaces are highlighted.

The Force for Nature: Lucy Braun education website from the producers of the film includes information about educational uses.

The Dr. E. Lucy Braun educational website from the Cincinnati Museum Center features educational resources for viewers, teachers and students developed by the production team and staff members from the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Edge of Appalachia Preserve System. Lesson plans cover a wide variety of topics in science, social studies, history, language arts and math and are appropriate for upper elementary grades through high school.

Credits and more about the film.

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