Activate! Shorts for Digital Learning

Designed to inspire creative and engaging student learning, Activate! Shorts for Digital Learning pairs a variety of rich resources from PBS LearningMedia with common digital tools to amp up student engagement and learning across content areas in a quick, easy to digest video format. The ever-growing series is available on KET Education’s YouTube page.

Topics include:

  • Sorting and Graphing with Stop Motion Animation
  • Art Design and Travel Ads with Canva
  • Using Evidence to Support a Claim with Google Jamboard
  • Capturing Angles in Art and Life with Basic Photography
  • Analyzing Literary Tone with Adobe Spark and Google Jamboard 
  • Social Emotional Learning with Book Creator
  • Deciphering News vs Opinion with Infographics

You can find even more great ideas for combining the content within PBS LearningMedia and popular, interactive digital tools with the PBS LearningMedia + Digital Tools PDF, curated by our KET Education Consultants.

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