Basic Photography – Grades 4-12

Learn basic photography skills to enhance your photos and photo-based projects.

This session is for beginners to photography instruction that teaches how to make interesting, quality photographs using any camera or camera-equipped device (cell phone or iPad).

In this basic photography session, you will learn:

  • to improve the quality of your photographs before, during, and after you take the picture–discusses planning, making choices about composition, camera angles, background, lighting as well as basic editing
  • to recognize key features of successful candid and posed photographs, your own and others’ photos
  • basic photography terminology and how to use it to discuss and analyze photographs

Our basic photography workshop will take you beyond snapshots to creating photographs that are engaging and will enhance your personal photos as well as school-related projects. Much of the content is relevant to video production as well!

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Audience: Students, grades 4-12; teachers and staff
Length: 1 hour
Content Areas: All 

Available By Request Year-Round


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