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Into The Book

This multimedia teaching resource is designed to help students improve reading comprehension and increase their ability to think and learn across the curriculum. The student programs feature ordinary students using powerful learning strategies to better understand and apply what they learn when they read fiction, nonfiction, or everyday text. The website features interactive reading comprehension activities for students and, for teachers, music, video clips, classroom design ideas, posters, teacher guides, and lesson plans.

Grade Levels: P-5
Resource Types: 9 Videos

Using Prior Knowledge

Activating prior knowledge to predict what will happen in texts.

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Making Connections

Students on using connection strategies to understand texts.

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A demonstration of the difference between “thin” or “right there” questions and “thick” questions, which are deeper and provoke reflection and greater consideration.

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Students practice creating mental images from text.

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A class discovers types of clues to help them make inferences while they read.

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Students work on strategies for summarizing a fiction story.

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Students select criteria to evaluate texts.

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A reading specialist uses a newspaper article to model for her students how we think about different things while we read, and what new knowledge we take away with us after we’ve read.

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Using Strategies Together

Students work on developing mental files called schema to help them organize different strategies they can use to understand what they read.

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