KET’s Early Childhood Education Professional Development Workshops

KET is pleased to offer a selection of free, for-credit workshops for early care and education professionals. The workshops aim to increase early childhood educator effectiveness and family engagement to help improve children’s school readiness and covers topics like science, math, health, social studies, art, social emotional development, and appropriate use of technology in early childhood classrooms.

Each of these workshops are available to early childhood educators statewide with a focus on centers serving low-income families. Face-to-face and virtual sessions available.

Contact KET Early Childhood Education for more information about each of the workshops.

Please note: There is a minimum of 15 participants required in order to schedule a workshop.

Everyday Learning

This KET collection uses original animation and wonderful, visual images to introduce basic concepts of math, science, social studies, art and health to the youngest learners.

The topics found in this collection are designed to complement comprehensive learning resources for early childhood classrooms from KET: Everyday Math for Preschoolers, Everyday Science for Preschoolers, All around Me, Art to Heart and Healthy Me. Each toolkit contains lesson plan activities and multimedia resources that will enable early childhood professionals to incorporate fun, hands-on activities into the daily preschool curriculum.

Each workshop is 3 hours in length.

Everyday Science for Preschoolers
Everyday Science lesson plan activities will help participants incorporate fun, hands-on science into the daily schedule.   These activities are built on children’s natural sense of curiosity, wonder, and discovery, and create an interest in science that will build a foundation for school success.

Healthy Me
Healthy Me lesson plan activities and digital resources focus on physical and mental wellness with activities for children at home, school, and in their communities.

Everyday Math for Preschoolers
Everyday Math lesson plan activities and multimedia resources will enable early childhood professionals to incorporate fun, hands-on math activities into the daily preschool curriculum. The activities aim to help young children develop positive beliefs about themselves as mathematicians and create a foundation for success in school.

All Around Me
The All Around Me lesson plan activities encourage positive behaviors in young children to help them develop socially and emotionally, and learn about themselves, their communities, and the world around them.

Art to Heart
Art to Heart incorporates a variety of arts activities in classroom and outdoor settings and look at key topics such as the arts-learning connection and inclusiveness.

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Ready To Learn – Facilitator Training Opportunities

For the past 20 years, PBS and CPB have been partners in a Ready To Learn (RTL) Initiative that brings educational television and digital media resources to children ages 2-8. Its goal is to promote early learning and school readiness, with an emphasis on supporting children from low-income, underserved communities. KET is now offering in-person, facilitator training for PBS KIDS RTL workshops.

There are two types of training opportunities; Family and Community Learning and Out-of-School Resources. All of the materials to conduct the workshops on your own are available for FREE on PBS LearningMedia. The KET Early Childhood Education team has executed these same workshops across the state and can lead you through the steps for making yours a success.

Each 2 hour training will include:

  • Knowledge of the structure and general flow of the workshops.
  • Understanding of the science inquiry and engineering design processes.
  • Fundamentals of being an engaged and trusted facilitator.
  • Requirements for each of the facilitator roles.
  • Details about the content and requirements for each workshop session.
  • Familiarity with the resources and tools available through PBS Kids to continue the learning process with families.

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PBS Kids Family and Community Learning

Family & Community Learning (FCL) is a model for multi-generational hands-on family engagement designed to support science and literacy development among children and families. Designed for use in community based settings, these resources include multi-session sequenced experiences that are built to be modular and flexible enough to be adaptable to the wide variety of communities and contexts that they might be used in. All of the resources come packed with full activity plans, supporting materials for facilitators, links to related video and digital media, and additional take-home materials to support ongoing family engagement.

Play and Learn Science FCL
Get ready to dive into the world of science inquiry and the engineering design process! This FCL engages families while using the Play and Learn Science! app, a free bilingual (English / Spanish) mobile app that includes 15 games to teach children scientific inquiry. The Facilitator Guide gives a breakdown of the whole four-session experience to hands-on activities and supplemental materials such as take-home materials and fun graphics, these resources expand the games into hands-on learning opportunities for families in your community.

ScratchJr FCL
PBS Kids ScratchJr is a developmentally appropriate creative coding app for children ages five through eight. The app features characters from a number of PBS KIDS media properties including; Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, Ready Jet Go!, WordGirl, Arthur, Peg+Cat, and Odd Squad. Children can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations by snapping together colorful programming blocks to make their favorite characters move, jump, dance, and sing. During this four-session experience families will learn how to use PBS Kids ScratchJr to create their own interactive stories.

Ruff Ruffman FCL
During the Family and Community Learning with Ruff Ruffman, families will participate a four-session experience using high-quality resources from The Ruff Ruffman Show. These resources will help provide a comprehensive learning experience for children and families in your community as you engage them in science inquiry and the engineering design process.


  • Family and Community Learning with Cat in the Hat
  • Family and Community Learning with Ready Jet Go!

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Out-of-School Resources

The Out-of-School Resources provide multimedia resources that support science and literacy development. These resources are designed for use in after-school programs and other out-of-school settings such as libraries, museums, camps, etc. The resources include multi-day sequenced experiences that are built to be modular and flexible enough to be adaptable for that wide variety of contexts that they might be used for. All of the resources come packaged with full activity plans, supporting materials for facilitators, related video clips and digital games, and take-home supports to encourage family engagement.

Sensational Science Camp with Ruff Ruffman
Get ready for a camp experience you won’t forget! At Sensational Science Camp with Ruff Ruffman, kids ages five to eight will participate in five modularly designed sessions (each 3-4 hours in length) using high-quality resources from The Ruff Ruffman Show. The whole five-day camp experience will help provide a comprehensive learning experience for children in your community as you engage them in science inquiry and the engineering design process.

Odd Squad: Be the Agent Camp
Welcome to Odd Squad! At the Be the Agent Camp, children will take on the role of an Odd Squad Agent, just like the ones in the show. Campers will spend five days as Odd Squad agents, solving odd cases and creating useful gadgets by using teamwork, math knowledge, science inquiry practices, the engineering design process, and creativity. By the end of the week, they will have solved up to 10 cases, engineered several gadgets, and spent lots of time having fun as a group!


  • Ready Jet Go! Space Camp

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Playful Learning for Educators

PBS KIDS Playful Learning for Educators is a set of 4 in-person workshops designed to support early childhood educators exploring and developing playful learning experiences for young learners that utilize age-appropriate media and technology from PBS KIDS. The workshops are designed to provide Early Childhood Educators with the time, space, and resources to play, learn, and discover alongside a group of peers and to consider how the content that they’re exposed to could be used in their own teaching practice.

Each workshop is designed as a 3 hour in-person experience. The workshops can be presented sequentially, non-sequentially, or as a set of one-off experiences.

Workshop 1 – Introduction to Playful Learning with Media
This lays a foundation for educators to consider the importance of guided playful learning and provides an introduction to how PBS KIDS content can support early learning objectives and knowledge goals when integrated into playful learning experiences.

Workshop 2 – Integrating Media into Your Teaching Practice
This session provides opportunities for educators to deepen their understanding of how media content can enrich playful, objectives-based learning in their classrooms. Through scaffolded activities designed around connected learning and media integration approaches, educators will explore how PBS KIDS content can deepen children’s understanding of concepts across content areas.

Workshop 3 – Inquiry with the Cat in the Hat
This session engages educators in playful, media-rich activities to explore how to facilitate science inquiry experiences with children. The focus will be on scientific inquiry, curiosity and creativity-building while engaging with media from the PBS KIDS series. The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.

Workshop 4 – Engineering with Ruff Ruffman
This session explores Ruff Ruffman media content and activities that engage learners in understanding aspects of the engineering design process. The session will provide educators with an opportunity to work their way through the full engineering process in a hands-on, playful, collaborative and contextually meaningful way.

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