Everyday Science for Preschoolers

Grade Level: PreK-1
Resource Type: Video, Interactive

Part of KET’s Everyday Learning collection, Everyday Science builds on children’s natural sense of curiosity to create an interest in science, using original animation and images to introduce basic concepts.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: Animals and the Environment

Grade Level: PreK-2
Resource Type: Video

PBS LearningMedia offers a selection of classic episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to bring into your classroom, such as these science-focused episodes on animals and environment. Episodes are designed to broaden children’s understanding of the world around them.

Nature Nuggets

Grade Level: PreK-2
Resource Type: Video

Nature Nuggets are short, minute-long videos that can be used as a tool for active science and language learning opportunities by parents, educators and caregivers. They are drawn from the documentary film series NATURE.

Ready Jet Go!

Grade Level: PreK-3
Resource Type: Video

Join Jet Propulsion and his Earthling friends Sean and Sydney as they explore the vast reaches of the solar system. Ready Jet Go! is aimed at PreK-3 students and covers topics in earth science, astronomy, space technology and physical science.

Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms

Grade Level: K-12
Resource Type: Instructional Modules

These supplemental digital media resources are used for teaching about Earth’s systems, from weather phenomena to the development of land and water features. Resources include videos, images, data visualizations, interactives, and games.

Mister C/Science and Math

Grade Level: 2-7
Resource Type: Video

Mister C combines video and music with technology to help students grasp challenging science and math concepts. He is known for marching and dancing to his own beats and creating unique STEAM-themed multimedia projects.

Think Garden

Grade Level: 3-5
Resource Type: Video

This engaging KET-produced video collection helps teach elementary students about the art and science of growing food, with an emphasis on biological and environmental concepts. It also addresses topics related to nutrition and economics.

Saturday Morning Rock Hunt

Grade Level: 4-8
Resource Type: Video

Learn about earth science concepts as they relate to Kentucky’s own rich geological history. Tag along on a rock hunt to learn about the rock cycle, fossils, rocks and minerals, and their uses. Students see spectacular mineral and fossil specimens, including Kentucky agate.


Grade Level: 5-13+
Resource Type: Video

Each episode highlights the processes of science and engineering. Middle school girls, with the help of scientist mentors, design their own inquiry-based investigations on a variety of topics. The female mentors offer girls a glimpse of exciting STEM career possibilities.

Reclaiming Habitat for Honeybees

Grade Level: 6-8
Resource Type: Video

Explore the role of pollinators in their ecosystems. Students learn about Coal Country BeeWorks’ efforts to reclaim surface mining sites for honeybees. Using evidence from the readings and videos, students develop written responses to questions about honeybees.

Physics Girl

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

Discover the immersive, perplexing, and hands-on side of physical science with Dianna Cowern, host of Physics Girl. In this series from PBS Digital Studios, Dianna shows us how the physical world works by using everyday experiments and questions to demonstrate scientific ideas.

KET STEM Collection

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Interactive, Video

This collection of STEM instructional resources focuses on all things Kentucky and includes life sciences, geometry, and biology. Teachers and students have access to videos and images from KET programs, with support materials developed in line with state academic standards.


Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

Psychology and neuroscience have never been so animated! Vanessa Hill looks closely at case studies from the world of mental health, then offers tips and “life-hacks” that explore how the brain reacts to sleep, relationships, media, and the world around us.

Green Technology: Sustaining the Earth

Grade Level: 6-13+
Resource Type: Interactive

Explore five areas of research and innovation in green technology: renewable energy and conservation; green building; transportation; manufacturing; and pollution and waste management.

It’s Okay to be Smart

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

Joe Hanson explores the eccentricities of the scientific world, from physics and astronomy, to biology and neuroscience. The fun design of the program, together with an enlightening exploration of new scientific ideas, shows that being smart isn’t just okay, but truly exciting.

Crash Course

Grade Level: 9-12
Resource Type: Video

Brothers John and Hank Green offer quick-paced, imaginative videos aimed at learners of all ages. New resources and courses are added constantly to broaden the reaches of the Crash Course experience. Science topics include biology, chemistry, ecology, astronomy, and physics.

Virtual Physics Labs

Grade Level: 9-13+
Resource Type: Interactives

Let your students use KET’s virtual equipment with your lab activities, or ours, with no lab set up time and with no need for physical apparatus in your classroom. The labs investigate 21 topics ranging from velocity and dynamics to pendulums and harmonic motion.

NOVA Next | Boosting Science with Diversity

Grade Level: 12-13+
Resource Type: Document

Learn how diversity in STEM fields can be encouraged. Many students of color lack access to resources at school and face social pressures and financial struggles. Diversity training programs provide financial aid, study groups, research opportunities, and dedicated mentors.

Forum on Digital Media for STEM Learning: Climate Education

Grade Level: 13+
Resource Type: Video

The impacts of climate change—extreme weather events, sea ice loss, and drought—are felt across the world. This forum explores how the stories and science behind these impacts are integrated into classroom instruction and STEM education contexts, focusing on digital media.