Active Learning in Adult Numeracy

Resource Type: Video

Steve Hinds, who directs the Active Learning in Adult Numeracy project, led a professional development training for Kentucky Adult Education math teachers. These videos taken from the training focus on broad math teaching practices appropriate for math teachers at all levels.

Engineering in the Elementary Classroom: Context and Testing

Resource Type: Video

This professional development video is for teachers in grades 3-5 who want to integrate engineering into their science classes.

Changing Student Lives Through Advanced Technological Education

Resource Type: Interactive

Teachers will learn about emerging fields in advanced technology, then they will research local advanced technology education programs that align with their students’ interests and inquire about internships and other firsthand experiences for high school students.

Modeling and Simulation: Survey Course Educator Brief

Resource Type: Video

Teachers can explore the Modeling and Simulation Survey Course, designed by educators and industry to give students hands-on exploration of future STEM careers such as engineering, architectural design, computer gaming, and computer programming.

NASA Physics and Engineering Collection: Professional Development

Resource Type: Multiple

This collection, drawn from NASA’s vast collection of media resources, brings real-world applications of physics and engineering concepts into high school classrooms.

Peep and the Big Wide World: Professional Development

Resource Type: Video

PEEP and the Big Wide World, the animated Emmy Award-winning series that teaches science and math to an early childhood audience, offers professional development videos. Explore the collection by science topic here.

Professional Development | PBS KIDS ScratchJr

Resource Type: Document

This self-paced workshop is designed to explore the what, how, and why of creative coding for young children through the lens of PBS KIDS ScratchJr.

Reading Instructional Strategies: Resources for Adult Educators

Resource Type: Video

This collection provides resources for teaching reading in the adult education classroom, with specific strategies such as questioning, repeated reading, and summarizing. You will also find suggestions for choosing texts that are appropriate and interesting for adult learners.

Demonstrating Formative Assessment in the Science Classroom

Resource Type: Course

In 2016/17 KDE worked with a group of teachers on improving their formative assessment practices in science. Using the observation and reflection tool Formative Assessment Rubrics, Reflection and Observation Protocol (FARROP), teachers focused on their understanding of the components of FARROP on their instruction. Course participants will watch classroom video and take notes on the teachers’ formative assessment practices.