Computers and Programming/Ready Jet Go!

Grade Level: PreK-3
Resource Type: Video

Computers played a big part in space exploration. In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Dr. Rafferty explains how computers were used to guide astronauts to the moon in 1969. She then explains the concept of computer programming in the form of a catchy song.

Educator Workshop: PBS KIDS ScratchJr

Resource Type: Document

In this self-paced workshop, explore creative coding for young children through the lens of PBS KIDS ScratchJr, a free app designed to introduce children ages 5-8 to core coding concepts as they create their own interactive stories, games, and animations featuring PBS KIDS characters.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr Promo

Grade Level: K-3
Resource Type: Video

Kids create their own interactive stories and games featuring their favorite PBS KIDS characters. By snapping together colorful programming blocks, children can make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. In the process, they solve problems, design projects and express themselves.

Instructional Resources for Earth and Space Sciences

Grade Level: K-12
Resource Type: Multiple

Teach topics in the earth and space sciences with this collection of digital media, including videos, images, data visualizations, and games from programs like NOVA and PEEP and the Big Wide World.

SciGirls: Technology

Grade Level: 5-8
Resource Type: Video, Text

SciGirls educational materials provide gender-equitable teaching strategies and hands-on inquiries based on the concepts modeled in SciGirls’ videos. The SciGirls approach is rooted in research on how to engage girls in STEM.

STEAM: Ideas That Change Our World

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

The STEAM collection (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) explores the world of ideas with leading innovators who spoke at the 2016 IdeaFestival in Louisville. Topics range from infectious disease and evolutionary biology to virtual reality, inventions, and alien minds.

SciTech Now

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

These videos and activities from SciTech Now were selected to engage students in key STEM concepts and address topics and standards across science curricula, including biology, physical sciences, earth sciences, engineering, and more.

Get Your Tech On: Tech Resources

Grade Level: 6-13+
Resource Type: Video

PBS LearningMedia has compiled its favorite technology-themed resources designed to enhance your lesson plans and spark classroom discussion. Topics include 21st century learning, careers in technology, adaptive technologies, and using video games to enhance learning.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Advanced Manufacturing

Grade Level: 7-13+
Resource Type: Document

In this media-rich lesson plan, students learn how critical thinking and problem solving are used in advanced manufacturing fields, then apply what they’ve learned in activities that are based on real-world scenarios.

Invent an App That Helps Your Community: Lesson Plan/PBS NewsHour

Grade Level: 7-13+
Resource Type: Document

How does the food you eat make it to your kitchen table? How does technology make that easier? Young entrepreneurs in rural California are inventing apps to boost the local agricultural economy. In this lesson, students design an app to help their own communities.

Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?

Grade Level: 8-13+
Resource Type: Video

From robotic surgeries to driverless cars, as technology advances, robots are able to perform all different kinds of tasks. This means they could put some people out of work as technology advances. What are the pros and cons of robots in the economy?

Consumer as Creator: How Cassette Tapes Established New Possibilities for Listener Interaction | Lesson Plan | Soundbreaking

Grade Level: 9-13+
Resource Type: Document

Explore how the cassette tape was the first technology to allow the listener to record, compile and disseminate music, thereby changing the audience’s experience and relationship with music and artists.