Janet Flemmon, Bridge Academy Graduate

Cindy Hobbs, director of instruction with the Bridge Academy in Selma, AL, shared the success of Janet Flemmon. She recently passed rigorous testing to earn her GED® credential. KET’s online, on-demand FastForward course was part of their preparation.

“We are honored to have served these learners and their instructors during the process of meeting this important personal and educational goal,” commented Dr. Sarah Wilkins, Director of Adult and Workforce Education at KET. “We celebrate all they have accomplished and what is yet to come!”

Janet has completed a cosmetology program at Wallace Community College since graduating from Bridge Academy and has now returned to work toward a business degree. She hopes to one day open her own salon. Janet says she sets high standards for herself and others and tries to do things to a “t”.

KET congratulates Ms. Hobbs, Janet and the work being done at Bridge Academy. Watch for Janet and other Alabama graduates to be featured in the upcoming GED Grad Day video airing in May 2022.