Kentucky Skills U Graduates

Adult education instructors with Kentucky Skills U are sharing the successes of adult learners who recently passed rigorous testing to earn a GED. KET’s online, on-demand FastForward course was part of each learner’s preparation.

“We are honored to have served these learners and their instructors during the process of meeting this important personal and educational goal,” commented Dr. Sarah Wilkins, Director of Adult and Workforce Education at KET. “We celebrate all they have accomplished and what is yet to come!”

Kentucky Skills U graduates:

Shengia Ding from Jefferson County Skills U says, “If you say you can’t do something, you haven’t committed to your goal.” 

Barbara Neal from McCreary Co Skills U who is described by her instructor as “relentless”. A non-traditional student that left formal education at a young age, Barbara displayed great determination and overcame challenges to earn her GED. She is now enrolled in college!  Barbara says, “Don’t give up. Never quit.”

Gerrie Harmse, originally from South Africa, overcame the challenges of learning a new culture and norms to study and complete his GED. He plans to enroll in college. His advice to others is, “No matter how hard it seems, never give up and keep pushing.”

Brandy Riley, like many other adult learners. balanced many life situations while studying for her GED exam. She utilized KET’s FastForward courses to keep her on track even when she was unable to attend sessions in person. She shares this sentiment to encourage others.  “Don’t give up! It may seem hard to some people but you’ll get it and you’ll be so proud of yourself for finishing and graduating. Such a big accomplishment!”

KET congratulates the adult education staff at Kentucky Skills U and each of these learners. Watch for these graduates to be featured again in the upcoming GED Grad Day video airing in May 2022.